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collaborative solution for scientists Isentris 3.2 at integrating Symyx notebook to visualise, mine and organise
chembioconnect, a collaborative Symyx technologies has released and Symyx Isentris software with chemical data.
innovation from Imaginatik and Isentris 3.2, its decision support thermo Scientific’s LIMS including the software automatically
cambridgeSoft, allows scientists system that enables scientists Watson LIMS used in DMPK/ identifies chemotypes in a chemical
to draw, view, edit, archive and to explore, compare and report bioanalytical research. library and organises data in a
search chemical structures and on information spanning multiple Isentris 3.2 significantly extends compound scaffold. SArvision
biological systems in a secure, robust experiments captured in eLns, the current analysis and reporting Plus comes with capabilities to
collaboration and idea management LIMS, the Symyx Lab execution and capabilities of Symyx LeA software. filter data by scaffold type and by
environment. For many researchers, Microsoft any other associated data such
the software solution effectively excel software is the analysis tool as HtS results, docking scores
allows for collaborative problem- of choice. Isentris now enables LeA or physicochemical data, and it
solving among scientists by researchers to easily aggregate identifies the chemotypes that satisfy
combining cambridgeSoft’s data from multiple information user-selected criteria. Multiple tools,
chemically intelligent visual toolsets sources in a single view and to including powerful graphics, facilitate
with Imaginatik’s innovation and idea Analysis (LeA) software suite, and other report on chemical structures, the task of identifying relevant
management platform. information management systems. images, chromatograms, spectra scaffolds and compounds.
targeted at the needs of research Symyx Isentris is a cross- and XY datasets, all within the
and development professionals in the experiment data access, analysis familiar excel environment.
areas of pharmaceuticals, bioscience, and reporting tool for any LIMS
biotechnology, chemistry and food system driving better informed
science, the chembioconnect decisions in scientific experiments Versatile chemical data tool
offering was developed in close and studies. this latest Isentris Altoris, a provider of cheminformatics
collaboration with Pfizer. release supports the ongoing software for drug discovery and basic collaboration between Symyx and research, has introduced SArvision
chembioconnect thermo Fisher Scientific, aimed Plus v2.8, a desktop application
iCD. has been a leading provider of LIMS to a number of key industries and LABS/Q is developed in Java/Eclipse and supports Microsoft SQL Server and
is an ISO certifi ed fi rm which demonstrates its commitment to quality, Oracle as database backend, and can be run on any operating system such
user-friendly LIMS solutions each day, as evidenced by hundreds of LABS/Q as Linux, UNIX, Apple OS and Windows as thin or fat client, and as a web
LIMS users worldwide. iCD has crafted a special LIMS migration offer – application in the Internet browser. It supports all modern techniques such as
available only to SQL*LIMS clients – which includes a needs assessment, clustering, virtualization or application distribution, respectively. Additionally,
data migration, installation and training on LABS/Q LIMS. the multi-tenancy capabilities and a multi-language GUI make LABS/Q LIMS
suitable for multi-site & multi-country usage in globally operating companies.
The LABS/Q LIMS offers an integrated and also cross-functional platform for
large-scale and medium-sized enterprise labs and is especially designed for The evolving development of the LABS/Q LIMS according to well-accepted
the requirements of Pharma and Biotech companies. It represents a freely standards such as ISO 9001:2008, the GAMP guidelines, and GxP relevant
scalable and highly fl exible out-of-the-box LIMS with integrated DMS that regulations warrants enduring regulatory compliance including FDA 21CRF11,
includes an enormous library of functions and predefi ned workfl ows. Due to audit security, and availability of state-of-the-art functionality for our customers
the modular design it can easily be expanded in functionality on demand by at the same time, i.e. LABS/Q is always the LIMS of choice where automation
the addition of fi ve modules including a DoE-based module for optimization and quality matters.
of chemical synthesis and galenical developments, and modules for stability
studies, instruments and calibration management, sanitation & environmental If you are feeling abandoned by the recent acquisition of ABI’s SQL*LIMS
control and OOS & OOT as well, thus offering omnibus functionality for R&D, by LabVantage, please contact your local iCD. sales representative contact
manufacturing and in-process control, QA/QC, and environmental protection iCD at: in Europe or our North American Partner Accelerated
on one single platform. Technology Laboratories Inc. at: for more information on
this exciting offer.
Certifi ed interfaces to SAP/ERP, MES, PIMS, PLM, CDS or any lab instrument
secure seamless integration of the LABS/Q LIMS into the complete business
workfl ow and help to eliminate errors, improve effi ciency of the employees
and reduce overall business costs by increasing of the automation level in the
laboratory and enterprise. LABS/Q also facilitates ISO, DIN, USP and FDA
compliant validation of analytical methods by interfacing with the VALIDAT
iCD. Vertriebs GmbH, Augustinusstr. 9d, 50226 Frechen
method validation software. Email:, Web:
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