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‘interests in the software range from
building a realistic home simulator out of
old airplane parts, to university research analysis
and instructional use, to having a viable
alternative to commercial pc simulators’
to FlightGear plus Simulink 3D bodies, joints, constraints and
animations. These options let force elements that refl ects
Analyze & Model:
you visualise fl ight data in a 3D the system’s structure. An • Forces and torques in motors, magnetic bearings
environment and reconstruct automatically generated 3D
& magnetic couplings, among others
behavioural anomalies in fl ight- animation lets you visualise • Forces and torques on current-carrying coils for
test results. system dynamics. You can
loudspeakers and voice coil actuators
A heavy user of such products import models complete with
• Field values vs. position for Hall Effect sensors
is the Landing Gear Modelling mass, inertia, constraint, and
• Flux linkage and induced voltage for Variable
and Simulation Team at Airbus. 3D geometry from several CAD
Reluctance sensors
Group leader Sanjiv Sharma systems.
• Particle trajectory analysis with steering and
notes that simulation was The FlightGear just
focusing magnets
originally adopted to reduce mentioned deserves a few more
• Optimized shapes of coils and pole pieces for
physical test costs by providing words. This open-source fl ight
electromagnets such as those used in MRI machines
and magnetizing fixtures
performance predictions, but this simulator, currently aimed
• Transient analysis for “fast acting” devices
technology was soon expanded primarily at civilian fl ight

to detect specifi cation defects. simulation, is appropriate for
Fast. Accurate. Easy-to-use.
The manufacturer typically simulating general aviation as
outsources the landing gear and well as civilian aircraft. The
• Very short learning curve; no scripting required
its controller; later, though, for team’s long-term goal is to have
• Design optimization by parametric solvers
internal purposes Airbus needs FlightGear FAA-approved as a
• Full parallel processing
executable models of both the fl ight training device. Interests in • Coupling to thermal
gear (hydraulic and mechanical the software range from building • Highest level of support in the industry
components) and the controller a realistic home simulator out of
for use for simulation studies and old airplane parts, to university Best Features:
in a physical simulator. research and instructional
• Line currents for modelling thousands of current
One application at Airbus use, to simply having a viable
is in brake control algorithms. alternative to commercial PC
• Easily draw a conceptual model, then analyze field,
New control technologies can simulators. But with the link
force, torque, flux linkage or inductance on an
help to brake an aircraft in a to the Aerospace Toolkit, it iterative basis. The design can be easily modified
more effective manner, resulting becomes a tool for professionals,
(i.e. stretching, transforming and rotating parts of
in decreased wear on tyres as well.
the geometry)
and brakes while reducing the One contributor is Jon S
• Easy direct import/export of geometries from/to
stopping distance. Advances in Berndt, chief architect of JSBSim,
CAD tools and have a first result within minutes
tyre-modelling philosophies aim the default fl ight-dynamics model
• Capable of solving problems
to improve current tyre models in for FlightGear. His professional
with nonlinear permeability
and magnets with nonlinear
order to get a better prediction of work has involved simulation and
demagnetization curves
their characteristics. Modelling prototyping for vehicles ranging
• Easy generation of model
can lead to more accurate from the F-16 to the space shuttle
using BEM or FEM
predictions of landing-gear loads, and future manned launch
• Healing Tools for repairing
aircraft manoeuvrability and more vehicles. Since 1998, Berndt has
CAD errors such as overlaps,
optimised landing-gear systems. been working together with co- intersections and small gaps
In this type of work, author Tony Peden on creating in model geometry
SimMechanics extends Simulink JSBSim. This object-oriented,
with tools for modelling 3D multi-platform aerospace vehicle
put our software to the test
mechanical systems. Instead simulator can be integrated
Call for a 30-day FREE EVAluATIOn and start
improving produCtivity today.
of deriving and programming with broader fl ight-simulation
a live demo is also available.
equations, you can use this programs (because it provides
multibody simulation tool to no visual model) or run in a
build a model composed of standalone mode for batch runs.
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