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HPC news
Argonne simulates the stars
HPC News 20
the latest news in high- using supercomputers
performance computing
Scientists at Argonne National ‘We were able to scale up up; or combustion in cars and
HPC Products 24
Laboratory are using software- to large problem sizes of over manufacturing plants – where
A brief update of the latest
based parallel volume rendering 80 billion voxels per time step fuel is consumed and whether
HPc software and hardware
to generate visualisations of and generated images up to 16 it’s effi cient.’
everything from supernovas to megapixels,’ said Tom Peterka, ‘Those kinds of problems
Desktop HPC 27
protein structures. Argonne a postdoctoral appointee in often lead to questions that
Paul Schreier on the growth
scientists are trying to fi nd Argonne’s Mathematics and are very complicated to pose
of HPc power in a desktop
better, quicker ways to form Computer Science Division. mathematically,’ Hereld said.
Pc footprint
a recognisable image from Because the Blue Gene/P’s ‘But when you can simply
the billions of points of data main processor can visualise watch a star explode through
required for such visualisations. data as they are analysed, visualisation of the simulation,
‘On the scale that we’re Argonne’s scientists can you can gain insight that’s not
working, creating a movie investigate physical, chemical, available any other way.’
would take a very long time and biological phenomena
on your laptop – just rotating with much more spatial and
the image one degree could temporal detail.
South African
take days,’ said Mark Hereld, According to Hereld, this
who leads the visualisation and new visualisation method
HPC centre
analysis efforts at the Argonne could enhance research in a turns to Russia
Biomedical applications 33 Leadership Computing Facility. wide variety of disciplines. ‘In
t-Platforms, a russian
Stephen Mounsey fi nds
Argonne researchers wanted astrophysics, studying how
supercomputer developer
plenty of uses for HPc in the
to know if they could improve stars burn and explode pulls
and manufacturer, and South
medical fi eld
performance by skipping together all kinds of physics: Africa’s largest supercomputer
the transfer to the GPUs hydrodynamics, gravitational centre, the centre for High
and instead performing the physics, nuclear chemistry
Performance computing
visualisations right there on and energy transport,’ he
(cHPc), have signed a letter
the supercomputer. They said. ‘Other models study
of intent presupposing further
tested the technique on a set the migration of dangerous
multilateral cooperation.
the cHPc expressed
of astrophysics data and found pollutants through complex
interest in t-Platforms latest
that they could indeed increase structures in the soil, to see
developments and readiness
the effi ciency of the operation. where they’re likely to end
to use t-blade 2 – a petascale
HPc platform – in its future
projects. this blade-system
news in brief
provides high computing
density and performance along
Show preview: SC09 38
● Eurotech has received Intel install a cray Xt5 supercomputer. with low power consumption.
Warren Clark previews the
cluster ready certifi cation ● CAPS Enterprise has t-Platforms will grant
exhibition in Portland, oregon
for Aurora, the group’s HPc announced a reseller agreement cHPc access to its in-
architecture based on the Intel to distribute and support house developed petascale
Xeon 5500 series processor. Paratool’s Heterogeneous supercomputer equipment with
● Cray has signed a multi-year, multicore Parallel Programming the aim to assess scalability
multi-phase contract, valued (HmPP) product in north of cHPc software on this
at more than $40m, to provide America. equipment.
the Korea meteorological ● Platform Computing has cHPc is the second foreign
Administration (KmA) with a next- acquired HP-mPI (message organisation that has shown
generation supercomputer. Also, Passing Interface) from HP, interest in further cooperation
the US Department of energy’s and has hired key members of with t-Platforms and the
national energy research the development team. HP will company has also signed a
Scientifi c computing center continue to sell and market the similar paper with the Finnish
Cover montage
(nerSc), located at the Lawrence product under the Platform mPI supercomputer center cSc – It
David Houghton. berkeley national Laboratory, is to brand.
center for Science.
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING WORLD october/november 2009 www.scientifi
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