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iMagE aNalysis aNd ProcEssiNg VisualisatioN/graPhics
digital pathology image Zeiss, Applied Imaging, bacus, Visualisation and analysis
analysis package tissueGnostics, and generic file functions in multiple fields
Definiens has introduced formats (.tiff, .jpeg). visualization Sciences
Definiens tissue Studio, a Definiens tissue Studio Group (vSG) has launched
digital pathology image analysis is optimised for cell-by-cell version 6 of its popular
software package for translational biomarker quantification and Avizo 3D visualisation and
biomarker research. incorporates a new, simplified analysis software. Packaged in
Definiens tissue Studio is interface. Pathologists need no configurable editions, the Avizo
an out-of-the-box software computer programming expertise 6 product line delivers powerful
application for digital pathology to teach the application to visualisation and analysis
image analysis that supports identify regions of interest (rOI). capabilities for use in many visual and communication modules
a wide array of tissue stains the application enables users simulation fields, including and is fully compatible with other
including blue, brown, and red, to work with up to four images materials science, physical popular scientific software such
as well as H&e (hematoxylin simultaneously, allowing for rapid and environmental science, as Matlab, Labview and many
and eosin stain) and IF identification and quantification geosciences, computer-aided commercial ‘solvers’. Furthermore,
(immunofluorescence). Utilising of biomarkers in cellular and engineering, and generic scientific Avizo includes advanced support
the new Definiens composer sub-cellular compartments. the activities. for very high-resolution displays,
technology, Definiens tissue application can then be used based on Open Inventor by vr systems and remote/shared
Studio is able to identify highly in ‘batch mode’ for automated Mercury, Avizo offers users: a work sessions.
heterogeneous tissues – and the parallel processing either locally wide range of data import Much more than just
individual cells and sub-cellular or on a server cluster. the formats; advanced image visualisation software, Avizo is a
objects within them – to conduct process allows researchers to processing modules; volume complete 3D analysis framework
extremely accurate cell-by-cell quickly create sophisticated, and mesh data visualisation; that enables scientists and
measurements. the software robust image analysis solutions powerful segmentation and 3D engineers to easily create their
supports common tissue formats, that can uncover clinically reconstruction tools; plus other own workflows to achieve detailed
including slides and tMAs, and is relevant, quantitative biomarker strong post-processing and insight and full understanding of
compatible with all image formats attributes. quantification features. Avizo their data.
from Aperio, Hamamatsu, also provides unique presentation
MathEMatics, siMulatioN aNd ModElliNg
Multipurpose modelling software sub-sets required for analysis can the elapsed simulation time to zero editing, display and accessibility of
DeM Solutions has released eDeM substantially reduce the file size. this – or any other value – synchronising mathematical notation for websites,
2.2, the latest version of its multi- gives users the flexibility to store a the new deck with the desired applications and services.
purpose modelling software used to greater number of simulations – even reference start time. All graphs the release replaces the
simulate and optimise bulk particle large-scale simulations – for a given produced from the results using the company’s WebeQ product and
handling and processing operations. storage capacity. new simulation deck will read more is an addition to its MathFlow
the latest version of eDeM those users who run eDeM easily, with axis labels generated product line that includes MathFlow
includes a number of enhancements simulations along with other external from the user-specified time. for Arbortext and XMetaL. the
to help the user configure exactly data sources will now have the Users who need simulations to technology at the heart of MathFlow
the data they require for analysis – option to synchronise time in eDeM replicate specific mass flow rates, or is MathML, the XML standard for
improving productivity and ultimately 2.2 with their external time settings. fill a volume with a given total mass, representing mathematical notation.
maximising the time spent solving this is good news for users who can better define and control this with MathFlow is widely used in
engineering problems. run simulations with pre-defined the Mass Generation rate feature. publishing, elearning, assessment,
eDeM 2.2 still has the option geometry dynamics, external aerospace, defence, education,
to save the full dataset, for use as dynamics coupling, or field data government, science and
restore points, but now includes the linked to an external data source. Mathematical notation editor engineering, as well as enterprise
ability to selectively save sub-sets of When saving an eDeM 2.2 Design Science has introduced solutions and commercial products.
the results data. Selecting only those simulation deck, users can now reset MathFlow components and SDK, for An SDK is available for programmers ➤
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