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Data analysis: Oceans
➤ geothermal energy – though so do questions,
and urgent analyses, regarding environmental
That risk, environmental destabilisation, is
present in every human use of the sea. The
oceans are large, and can absorb a great deal,
but their balance is not uninterruptible. Even
the most cursory look at computerised marine
data analysis activity reveals two familiar
strands, often forced into collaboration,
but always fundamentally separate: how
to exploit effi ciently, and how to conserve
effectively. Perhaps, to sidestep my structure
for a moment, the most high profi le example
is the petroleum industry, which drills down
(literally) through all the layers of shallower
seas from surface through ecologies to
the geology below. An increasing body of
legislation, and of scientifi c analyses to support
it, seeks to tie producers into environmental
protection systems. Compliance evidencing
is built into the planning of new facilities,
with data collection, storage, management Precise thinking
and analysis an important part of the process.
The opening up of Sakhalin, a closed area in
cold war days, to development of a vast oil
and gas project includes an environmental
precise searching.
monitoring laboratory complex. The operator,
Sakhalin Energy, runs a central LIMS (not
Nautilus, this time, but SampleManager – also
from the Thermo Scientifi c stable) serving an
extensive system of realtime and long term
analytic and reporting programmes that cover
both the island and the surrounding Sea of
surface alkalinity maps, generated by Ocean Data View, from the Us Department of energy’s
carbon Dioxide information analysis centre. the oceans play a part in the carbon cycle whose
Further down, below the fi shed zones, importance is only now beginning to be properly understood.
life continues – largely ignored, but by no
means unaffected by human activity. Since analysis of linkages to deep sea microbial life those organisms that fl ourish in conditions
the layers are not systemically isolated may prove to be an essential requirement for inimical to most forms of life and offer clues
from one another, damage below often future climatological discussions. to what might be possible in extraterrestrial With STN, you can find exactly the science and technology information your business
rebounds as damage above and a growing Right at the bottom, of course, comes environments. Other forms are there too,
needs to make important decisions. A change in molecular stereochemistry can radically alter
degree of analytic attention is turning to the physical ocean bed – or, perhaps more though. There have been interesting analyses
the strategic direction of your entire research project and possibly your entire company. That’s why
what happening in deeper habitats. Cross accurately since there is even greater variation of parasitism within these communities, for
boundary predation is one factor. Nor is the here than across the planet’s land surface, beds. instance, and of surprisingly broad fungal
STN gives you so many ways to research substances, your competitors, and your industry. Our tightly
food link the only area of concern. Another Two tools that pop up here with particular diversity
. Metagenomic analysis is an integrated system ties together published research, journal literature, patents, structures, stereochemistry,
is the impact on microbial populations whose regularity are Ocean Data View and Golden ascendant analytic arena, where you can
trade names, physical properties, sequences, and other data from the world’s largest collection of
survival seems to depend upon ‘a collection Software’s Surfer, both of which construct fi nd almost every software tool in use, but
chemical substance information—CAS REGISTRY.
So when you’re dealing
of very subtle adaptations ... and genomic sophisticated visualised analytical data heavy duty applied numerical packages are
plasticity to cope with the sparse and sporadic worlds. There is life here, too, and we are much in evidence. The research group who
with issues vital to your business, use STN and get the results you want. Precisely.
energy resources available ... and ... unique only beginning the task of studying it, never gave me most of my inside access in this
proteins not found in surface-dwelling mind analysing the results. Geology becomes area (to whom many thanks, and my regrets
, all of which may be vulnerable prominent, from archaeosedimentary analyses that their sponsor forbids publicity) were
to pollutants drifting down from human to volcano counting in the deepest reaches. running MatLab intensively, under symbolic
CAS FIZ Karlsruhe JAICI (Japan Association for
activity regions. Since the exact operation Data analytic attention to deep marine direction from Maple.
STN North America STN Europe International Chemical Information)
of the oceanic biological carbon pump is ecosystems has often focused on archaea, and Deep seabeds are signifi cantly closer to
Phone: 800-753-4227 (North America) Phone: +49-7247-808-555 STN Japan
still only sketchily understood, developing there is considerable interest in the study of the earth’s volcanic processes than most ➤
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