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HPC ProduCts
HPC Products
Deskside supercomputer solution plug-and-play appliance, incorporating an easy- GPU kits to aid workload
BoxCluster has launched BoxClusterDSN, to-deploy Microsoft HPC cluster. scheduling
a deskside supercomputing environment It allows on-site deployment of Dezineforce’s Platform Computing has introduced GPU
featuring Intel 5500 series architecture and up design search and optimisation and decision kits for its Platform Cluster Manager and
to 384Gb of memory. support suite, with workflows that integrate Platform HPC Workgroup products, to
It is an ideal solution for those HPC users industry-standard and customer proprietary support Nvidia’s Cuda-enabled GPUs.
requiring large memory and a multicore simulation tools on a Microsoft HPC cluster. Platform Computing’s GPU kits make it
clustering environment. The turnkey solution Dezineforce search and optimisation easier for administrators to build, provision,
arrives with all the necessary operating tools enable designers to explore design or manage and schedule workloads on Nvidia
software loaded, so there is no need for operating spaces more comprehensively. They GPU-based HPC clusters.
specialised IT engineering. are deployed as part of the design process to GPU-based clusters are the most rapidly
The system is also very quiet, even when help designers gain greater insight into the growing segment of the HPC market,
running at 100 per cent, allowing it to performance and behaviour of their designs. because they provide significantly more
operate as a true deskside system. Moreover, Decision support tools help designers make compute capacity at a fraction of the cost.
it runs at less than 15A, so can be plugged sense of the large amounts of raw data Nvidia Tesla-based GPUs feature up to
into a standard wall socket without the need generated by simulations, enabling them to 240 cores and one teraflop of processing
for specialist power equipment. make better design decisions. power per processing GPU, as opposed
It features a ‘blade concept’, allowing for to four cores of processing power found in
easy maintenance. The internal node can be traditional server CPUs. Platform’s Cluster
removed without a specialised tool and can be Debugging tool for Visual Studio Manager and HPC Workgroup Manager
replaced while the other nodes are running. The Portland Group has introduced PGI Visual simplify building, managing and scheduling Fortran (PVF) 9.0 for Windows workstations, GPU-based clusters. Deployed with a
servers and clusters, which supports the single-click install, Platform Computing’s
Scalable workgroup cluster building, launching and debugging of GPU kits allow users to quickly provision
SGI has introduced the CloudRack X2, a Microsoft MPI Fortran applications from the clusters they need using Nvidia’s
series of scalable workgroup clusters for within Microsoft Visual Studio. solutions.
HPC, graphics and internet applications. The PVF augments the Visual Studio debugger
new model delivers extreme density and 99 by adding a Fortran language specific custom
per cent power distribution efficiency, with debug engine. The PVF debug engine Updated cluster
Power XE in a 5ft square form factor. This supports debugging of single- and multi- management
enables a broad range of applications, thread, OpenMP, multi-thread MSMPI and Univa UD has introduced a native
including to workgroups, laboratories and hybrid MSMPI+OpenMP Fortran applications. OpenSolaris version of UniCluster, its leading
traditional HPC environments either as a It enables debugging of 64-bit or 32-bit HPC management product.
standalone unit mounted on casters for applications using source code or assembly UniCluster on the OpenSolaris OS provides
in-lab use or installed in industry-standard, code, and provides full access to the registers a complete, fully integrated HPC cluster
19-inch racks – especially valuable for and hardware state of the processors. Other management stack for OpenSolaris. The
heterogeneous computing environments. new multi-process MSMPI capabilities in PVF product is functionally equivalent to the
The system now supports high-performance 9.0 include Visual Studio property pages for Linux version, increasing the attractiveness
processors and high-speed interconnects, configuring compile-time options, launching of the OpenSolaris OS among technical
including 40Gb/sec InfiniBand. Typical applications either locally on a workstation computing users. The product offers cluster
HPC installations, including those that run or on a distributed-memory Windows HPC installation directly from OpenSolaris
computational structural mechanics, fluid Server 2008 cluster system, and debugging of repositories with configurable software
dynamics, electromagnetics, seismic processing, programs running either locally or on a cluster. profiles for cluster nodes. Installation and
rendering and visualisation applications, can Extra new features include support configuration is automatic, driven by kits
immediately capitalise on the many advantages for Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) and Six-Core that are easy to use and streamline the
of the tray-based CloudRack design. AMD Opteron (Istanbul) processors, process of implementation. several incremental Fortran 2003 features, UniCluster for the OpenSolaris OS also
improvements in serial debugging offers broad scalability up to 5,000 compute
Design plug-in for HPC and disassembly speed, and updated nodes, further increasing applicability for
The Dezineforce design optimisation and documentation and online help. large enterprise users.
decision support suite is now available as a
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