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SC09 – cutting
computational capability, energy-efficiency
and cost effectiveness.
Argonne National Laboratory
( plans an exciting booth at
edge HPC
SC09 featuring groundbreaking scientific
and engineering research. Advanced digital
displays will illustrate how simulations help
scientists gain new insights into challenging
topics such as brain dysfunction, cosmic
dark energy, and the impact that energy
This year’s Supercomputing
space. The blades are independent of usage, the economy, and climate change
conference and exhibition
each other, giving the flexibility to have have on each other. Also featured will be
both AMD and Intel systems in the same collaborative projects
takes place in Portland,
chassis. The ‘try before you buy’ programme with academia
Oregon from 14-20
allows clients to test their code on various and industry on
November. Warren Clark
machines prior to purchasing. This will Argonne’s Blue
help ensure that the best system for their Gene/P – one
rounds up some of the
needs is procured. Advanced Clustering of the world’s
exhibition highlights
Technologies is a privately-held corporation largest, most
based in Kansas City. It develops high- comprehensive
performance computing solutions, that are distributed
Acceleware ( highly customised turn-key clusters with cyberinfrastructures
is a provider of solutions to process out-of-the-box usability for those clients for open scientific research. Essential to
computational intensive applications with specialised needs that cannot be met exploiting the full performance of this
and computer-based simulations, that by a standard hardware dealer. ‘green’ supercomputer – which uses about
leverage the massive parallel processing a third of the electricity of comparable
capabilities available in Nvidia graphics AMD ( provides both machines built with more conventional
processing units (GPUs) or other multicore leading computational and graphics parts – are innovative numerical libraries,
hardware environments. The company’s processors. With its upcoming AMD parallel programming tools, and systems
acceleration platform seamlessly integrates Opteron server platform that supports software being developed by Argonne
with applications from vendors in the PCI Express 2.0, HyperTransport 3.0 and researchers. Through projects such as these,
electromagnetic simulation, seismic data OpenCL for GPGPU computing with its the booth will showcase how Argonne is
processing, reservoir modelling industries ATI Stream technology, AMD will have advancing the state of the art in large-scale
and linear algebra solvers. Acceleware a leading integrated solution to allowing computing and is making scientists more
solutions enable users of single-threaded HPC customers to quickly and easily take productive.
applications to access multicore processing full advantage of the latest multi-core
hardware and achieve dramatic compute CPU technology and GPU acceleration. Convey Computer Corporation (www.
speed-ups. This amalgamation delivers AMD will be showcasing various current, which was a
computational capabilities in a form factor and future server platforms. Technologies pioneer of hybrid-core computing, returns
that features a very low TCO, which brings on display will offer the performance, to SCO9 fresh from its Series B funding
supercomputing capabilities to users such scalability and power efficiency that are round. It arrives with $24m in funding;
as engineers, researchers, geophysicists and required as real-world workloads and data units shipping; and its new Finance/Monte
financial analysts. centre configurations become increasingly Carlo computing ‘personality’. Convey’s
complex and demanding. Take control technology, unveiled at SC08, has now
Advanced Clustering Technologies with Direct Connect Architecture 2.0 been proven by customers to lower power
( will be with numerous power, virtualisation and and cooling costs as much as 92 per cent,
featuring its 1U Pinnacle Compute Blade memory innovations, and next-generation simplify programming by relying upon
servers at SC09 and ‘try before you buy’ compatibility. AMD will also be showing ANSI-standard C, C++, and Fortran; and to
services. The 1U compute blade systems OpenCL-enabled applications on its next-
house two full-scale servers in half the generation compute accelerators. Designed
for the supercomputing environment, AMD
FireStream accelerators give researchers,
technical professionals and IT organisations
high performance-per-watt and
performance-per-dollar ratios that maximise
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING WORLD october/november 2009
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