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➤ and systems integrators to develop handling of large data sets, builds on
chroMatograPhy data systEMs
custom solutions that require component-based modelling features
advanced equation editing, display, in Simulink, and updates 83 other updated radiochromatography Using Laura backgrounds
accessibility features and other products, including PolySpace code system can be accurately defined and
maths functionality. verification products. In/US Systems has updated its subtracted, correction for half life Key r2009b highlights for the Laura 4 radiochromatography decay is automatic when working
Matlab product family include system. It now offers researchers with short-lived radio-isotopes,
share technical apps on web extended support for multicore the ability to import data from and limits of detection can easily
Maplesoft has released Maplenet and multiprocessor systems as liquid scintillation counters and be defined.
13, which enables the deployment well as improvements for handling plate readers such as top count runs under low-level counting
of live technical knowledge and large data sets. Matlab and Image and Micro beta. conditions can be viewed with
applications on the web. the Processing toolbox now offer more Once imported (either directly exceptional clarity thanks to In/
tool enables the sharing of live multi-threaded implementations of or via disk transfer), the data can US’s Statistical Deconvolution
calculations, interactive technical functions, and Statistics toolbox adds be processed using Laura’s range Algorithm (SDA), which
documents, and mathematical parallel computing support for several of intuitive tools for chromatogram improves visual detail without
services over the internet. functions. For users with large data integration. It can also be smoothing data, revealing
Maplenet 13 makes it easy for sets, Matlab now offers the ability compared and included in reports the smallest of peaks against
programmers and non-programmers to perform FFts on data sets larger along with the data collected background, while leaving the
alike to provide rich mathematical than 2Gb, Image Processing toolbox from online radio flow-through raw data unchanged.
content and sophisticated plots in adds a function to support processing detectors.
interactive applications and web of arbitrarily large tIFF images, and
content. Maplenet also provides a Parallel computing toolbox includes
standard web services application a new interface for working with large technology to servers, so large web. webMathematica 3 features
programming interface (API), data sets that are distributed across groups or departments can easily new performance and development
making the computational power of a cluster. share or analyse their data. capabilities, which allow users
Maple available everywhere you are For model-based design, r2009b With the Labview DataFinder to build and deploy websites
connected – on a website, desktop enables Simulink users to capture toolkit, engineers and scientists with interactive calculations and
computer, or mobile device. design variants in models and switch can create custom, deployable visualisations at a faster pace and
Web content that requires use between model-wide configurations data management applications lower cost than ever before.
of static plots and mathematical to better manage design alternatives using nI DataFinder, an off-the-shelf For the first time, webMathematica
expressions, such as those often and reuse. engineers can now data index that stores metadata 3 integrates the capabilities of both
found in technical reports or course simulate and generate embeddable and properties stored in test files. Mathematica 6 and 7 with the latest
notes, can now be created easily code from Matlab programs and engineers and scientists can then web server technology.
by including a special hyperlink to Simulink models containing arrays search nI DataFinder using nI
Maplenet in the web page. no web that dynamically change size over DIAdem software for interactive
programming knowledge or tools are time. offline post-processing or with their
required. Maplenet will automatically own custom applications built using
generate and display an image of the Labview DataFinder toolkit. the
the mathematical expression or plot Extension makes data search toolkit can be used to perform simple
in the web page. easier keyword searches or advanced
Maplenet 13 uses a powerful national Instruments has released parametric searches such as finding
and extensive mathematical engine the nI Labview DataFinder toolkit, channel data that exceeds a limit on
to perform its computations, and an extension to its Labview graphical a particular day or using a particular
includes enhancements to its system design platform. sensor. Using DataPlugin technology,
mathematical and plotting abilities, the toolkit further enhances the toolkit is compatible with any webMathematica 3 is the
which provide additional power and Labview by adding an Internet-like file format and works natively with chosen deployment technology
increased performance to Maplenet search functionality that indexes and technical Data Management (tDM) for Wolfram|Alpha, the web’s
users. stores the properties of time-based and technical Data Management only computational knowledge measurement files, making the Streaming (tDMS) files. engine. webMathematica 3 makes
process of finding data of interest the calculations performed by
updated for multicore use more efficient than the traditional Wolfram|Alpha possible by allowing
the MathWorks has announced approach of loading all files into For adding dynamic web content users to tap into Mathematica’s
release 2009b (r2009b) of its memory and manually scanning Wolfram research has launched computational and graphic abilities
Matlab and Simulink product the results. the toolkit can also be webMathematica 3, a powerful without having Mathematica
families. r2009b includes features combined with nI DataFinder Server new version of its technology for experience or installing it locally.
for faster performance and enhanced edition to extend the same search adding dynamic content to the scIENtIFIc coMputING WorLd OctOber/nOveMber 2009
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