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➤ Supermicro ( will SLC Flash and the way that Texas Memory VSG - Visualization Sciences Group
be showing its SW7046GT-TRF personal Systems has designed the controllers of the ( will present version 6
supercomputer, which hosts up to two RamSan-620 make it very long-lasting and of its Avizo 3D visualisation and analysis
Intel Xeon processor 5500 series CPUs and reliable. With capacity options of 2 and product family. Through its different
four Nvidia Tesla C1060 GPUs, each in a 5TB in a 2U rack that uses only 180W, it editions, Avizo 6 continues to support
PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot for full bandwidth non- can handle data growth very efficiently. It fundamental research and technology Visualize to understand
blocking performance. The system supports installs quickly and easily and is managed innovations in geosciences (Avizo Earth),
96Gb of DDR3 memory, is powered by in the same way as a conventional hard disk material science and industrial non-
system, so can integrate seamlessly into any destructive testing (Avizo Fire), integrated
SAN environment using Fibre Channel or CAE pre/post processing (Avizo Wind),
InfiniBand. and climate research (Avizo Green). Avizo’s
The Portland Group (
will introduce its new PGI Accelerator
product line, featuring directive-based
x64+GPU F95/03 and C99 programming
on Linux, MacOS and Windows systems
with Nvidia GPUs. Support for Cuda
Fortran is included in the PGI F95/03
Fortran compiler on Linux, MacOS and
Windows systems with Nvidia GPUs, as
redundant 1400W Gold Level (more than well as support for Cuda Fortran emulation
93 per cent) power supplies and provides and basic debugging on a multi-core x64
redundant cooling, patented thermal host CPU. PGI will be showing three
design, super quiet operation, and support demos on the show floor: an x64+Nvidia
for up to six hot-swappable hard disk drives. version of WRF 3.1.1 built with PGI
This hybrid CPU + GPU system is ideal Accelerator 2010 compilers for Linux; a CM
for solving the most demanding scientific PGI Accelerator 2010 F95/03 and C99 expandable open framework, transparent
and engineering computational problems. compilers for Windows and MacOS – interoperability to virtual reality
Also on show will be Supermicro’s 1U showing x64+GPU features on Windows environment and advanced scalability
SS6016GT-TF-TM2, which is optimised for and MacOS and all the new features on HPC visualisation systems make it an
high density hybrid CPU/GPU computing of PGI 2010: F03, Cuda Fortran, AVX, unmatched 3D visualisation and analysis N
in HPC clusters. With dual Intel Xeon C++ updates, new profiling features, tool in today’s interdisciplinary research and
5500 series processors, two non-blocking performance on x64, etc; and an interactive development. VSG will also show version
PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots holding two double- demo of compile/launch/debug of MSMPI 8 of its well-known 3D development
3D software is a powerful, multifaceted tool for
width NvidiaTesla M1060 GPUs, plus one applications on a Windows HPC Server toolkit, Open Inventor by Mercury. This
visualizing, analysing, and understanding scientific and
PCI-E 2.0 low-profile slot for an additional cluster, all from within Microsoft Visual new release delivers unmatched high
engineering data.
add-on card and powered by a 1400W 93 Studio using PGI Visual Fortran. performance via innovative out-of-core
per cent efficient power supply, this is the data management, distributed parallel
one of the world’s fastest and most power- TotalView Technologies (www. rendering and extended support for
Avizo delivers advanced 3D graphics and analysis
efficient 1U servers. is exhibiting its key multi-core and GPGPU acceleration, as
capabilities for materials science, physical and
products at SC09: TotalView 8.7, the illustrated for examples in CFD simulation environmental sciences, geosciences, computer-aided
Texas Memory Systems (www. source code debugger, now with Mac OS field extraction, seismic volume visual engineering, and generic scientific activities. will be showing the X Snow Leopard support; MemoryScape processing, and climate simulation post-
RamSan-620, a compact Flash storage 3.0, its memory analysis and debugging processing.
subsystem that provides plenty of tool now integrated with TotalView; and
shareable, high performance storage for ReplayEngine 1.5, the radical new tool Wolfram ( will focus
IT organisations that need to respond to that lets developers step backwards from on gridMathematica Local, which adds
growing storage and performance needs of crashes, record and replay, and debug additional computation kernels to a standard
their users and applications. It is a greener, MPI apps without restarting. TotalView single-machine Mathematica license. With
more efficient alternative to hard disk will also be hosting a vendor forum, no changes to a user’s existing parallel
drive-based systems. The RamSan-620 ‘Developing Software for Heterogeneous code, tasks will automatically be distributed
has extremely low latency and delivers and Accelerated Systems’, as well as two over more local CPUs or cores. With no
250,000 IOPS of sustained performance, tutorials, ‘Expanding your Debugging administrative overhead and no need to
compared to the 300 IOPS that a high end Options’ and ‘Memory Debugging Parallel contend for shared resources, this is the easy
mechanical disk drive can achieve. The Applications’. way to increase the power of Mathematica. Visualization Sciences Group
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING WORLD october/november 2009
©2009 VSG, Visualization Sciences Group. Avizo is a registered trademark of VSG SAS
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