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Where HPC meets science
For those of you picking up this
magazine for the fi rst time at SC09,
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years of
Over the past few years, Scientifi c
lab informatics
Computing World has been reporting
on the speed with which high-
performance computing has become
not just affordable but indispensable
to scientists and engineers across
nearly all disciplines. Researchers and
engineers are limited in the scope
Informatics in the petrochemical industry 14 Modelling for aerospace 44 of what they can achieve without
the power that HPC provides,
NEWS 4 Up in the air 44 and HPC suppliers and developers
Cybernet Systems acquires Maplesoft; Paul Schreier fi nds use of modelling
are constantly using the needs of
Dairy employs ELN solution; Symyx opens software is taking off in aerospace
scientists as the benchmark for what
Bangalore facility
their products need to achieve.
For those of you unable to make
Oceans of information 8
Dave Champagne,
it to Portland, there is a round-up
Unified platform for
Felix Grant on the analytical challenges of
vice president and
the deep blue sea
of some of the expected exhibition
general manager
highlights on page 38. Also, this
of informatics at
Quality in the tank 14
Thermo Fisher
month, we are formally launching
Greg Blackman reviews the latest uses of
Scientifi c
the latest version of our popular
informatics in the petrochemical industry
email newsletter, SCNewsline,
with an additional monthly mailing
HPC PROJECTS all about HPC applications, news
A section for users and Desktop HPC 27 Show preview: SC09 38
and products. Join more than
If your laboratory needs a compliance-focused electronic laboratory notebook to ensure regulatory compliance, enhance
managers of HPC systems Paul Schreier on the Warren
17,000 subscribers by signing up,
operational efficiency or optimize information resources – STARLIMS Electronic Notebook is designed for you. Our
growth of HPC power in a Clark
free of charge, at www.scientifi c-
HPC News 20 desktop PC footprint previews the
entirely web-based ELN enables you to harmonize processes across the enterprise, while ensuring adherence to standard
computing/, where you
The latest news in high- exhibition
operating procedures. STARLIMS Electronic Notebook is part of our integrated web-based laboratory informatics
performance computing
Biomedical 33
in Portland,
can also opt to receive this magazine
in digital format, direct to your
platform. Based on our award-winning laboratory information management system (LIMS), the STARLIMS platform also HPC Products 24 Stephen Mounsey fi nds
desktop, on the day of publication.
offers modules for scientific data management system (SDMS), environmental monitoring (EM) and resource planning
A brief update of the latest plenty of uses for HPC in
HPC software and hardware the medical fi eld
Looking ahead, if you are not
and scheduling (RPS). Deploying the STARLIMS unified platform eliminates ineffective ‘silos of information’, helps already one of our valued registered
maintain regulatory compliance and ensures that decisions are based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information—while EDITORIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM Editor: Warren Clark ( Features Writer: Greg Blackman
readers, be sure to sign up before our
( Assistant Editor: Stephen Mounsey (
cutting the cost and time required to maintain multiple systems and multiple interfaces.
Specialist Reporters: Felix Grant, Paul Schreier Product Manager: Viv Ruskin
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the Laboratory Informatics Guide
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