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real strategy that can make a difference. Their book provides a comprehensive approach that addresses preventing the terrible crimes of targeting shooter attacks as well as combating other levels of serious crime such as sexual assaults against students. K-Ph.D. School and Campus Shootings Awareness gives an initial oversight and history of a national problem that has cre- ated fear throughout our country. They then break down the work of the United States Secret Service in relation to its behavioral intelligence efforts and its application in trying to spot individuals who could present po- tential risks to others.

Intervention, threat assessment, and risk management are vital components that the authors evaluate in trying to help fi nd strategies for preventing or mitigating the dangers that students and teachers face on a daily basis. Both authors demonstrate a compas- sion for the mentally ill and articulate how providing help for them can have a huge impact on preventing criminal acts of all sorts, particularly those of a violent nature.

What this book makes clear is that there are lots of players in this fi ght and they outline the efforts of many of them. Special attention is paid to Connie and Howard Clery, who lost their daughter Jeanne to murder, but whose efforts have resulted in federal laws that have often times forced Institutes of Higher Education to do the right thing regard- ing transparency and honesty relative to crimes on campuses.

When reading this work, it is read- ily apparent that there are young col- lege students alive today because of Mr. and Mrs. Clery. Our nation owes them a debt of gratitude and these authors help the reader appreciate all they have done.

What McBride and Truhan do that is so important, though, is explore a problem of national signifi cance and then present a blueprint for success. In the last chapter, they provide a 10- point plan that can make a real differ- ence but one that will involve much work and will take lots of partnerships on many different levels.

It will not be cheap and easy, but with the right applications of effort, funding and adjustments in attitudes, positive change can take place. Mc- Bride and Truhan are change agents who recognize this and show a path toward safer schools that can benefi t

the future of our country. God bless them in their effort.

Tom Wetzel is a Northeast Ohio Police Lieutenant, certifi ed law enforce- ment executive, and ILEETA member. LaO Post your comments on this story by visiting

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