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PhaZZer Electronics CEW Cartridges

A real option for Taser X26/X26P

By LAW and ORDER Staff

he Taser X26-series (Taser X26E, X26P), Taser M26 and PhaZZer Enforcer all fire exactly the same cartridge. The same cartridges are fully functional and totally interchangeable between all these less-lethal weapons. That means the Taser-made cartridges will fit both Taser and PhaZZer devices. It also means that PhaZZer-made cartridges will fit both Taser and PhaZZer devices. The PhaZZer cartridges are priced competitively with Taser cartridges. When the PhaZZer Enforcer was fi rst released, it came with cartridges made in Taiwan. At the 2015 SHOT Show, PhaZZer introduced a line of made-in-the-U.S. cartridges. The PhaZZer cartridges are now made in Florida. These are the same basic cartridge design, but the fi t and fi nish have all been improved. Just as drop-free handgun magazines have advantages, so do dart cartridges that very easily snap in place and pull out when fired. This ease of insertion is important because the cart cartridge simply must be handled without putting any part of the fingers or hand in front of the blast doors. The ease of removal is important, especially for devices that fire one cartridge at a time, because the officer may need to


remove the empty cartridge quickly to insert another one. With both the PhaZZer cartridge and the Taser cartridge,

the blast doors are color-coded. Different colors mean dif- ferent dart reach distances. Under the stress of some de- ployments, you may not remember the code for the color. To solve this stress-related confusion, the new PhaZZer cartridges have the dart distance embossed on their color- coded blast doors. Also embossed in raised letters is whether the cartridge is a dart cartridge (DC) or a training cartridge (TC). Brown blast door means a 25-foot dart car- tridge. This is confirmed by the DC-25 embossment, Dart Cartridge and 25 feet.

Extensive Testing production. We did very limited testing with the new

We conducted a series of tests with the U.S.-made PhaZZer cartridges fired from the Taser X26P. These tests included ignition reliability, conductive reliability, dart accuracy, and dart spread. The test distances were measured from the muzzle to the target. For example, the officer was standing about 7 feet from the target to get the 5-foot result, 12 feet from the target to get the 10-foot results, etc. The older Taser X26E is still widely used but is out of production. We did very limited testing with the new PhaZZer cartridges in the X26E. Same for the PhaZZer En- forcer. Due to its lower price, this toe-to-toe competitor with the Taser X26 has had sales success. We did very limited testing with the new PhaZZer cartridges in the PhaZZer Enforcer.

tridges in the Taser X26P. Both makes of cartridges are in-

Both the TASER X26E and the TASER X26P (shown) are currently in use. We fired U.S.-made PhaZZer cartridges from both TASER devices.

12 LAW and ORDER I July 2015 cartridges were compatible with this circuitry.

The bulk of our testing was with the new PhaZZer car- tridges in the Taser X26P. Both makes of cartridges are in- terchangeable with all single-cartridge Taser and PhaZZer devices. However, all of these devices have slightly differ- ent software programs and hardware circuitry. The X26P has an all-digital, solid-state electrical architecture with “charge metering” that measures and delivers the opti- mal amount of electric charge. The best way to be SURE the new PhaZZer cartridges work in the Taser X26P is to fire a lot of them from the Taser X26P. The new PhaZZer cartridges were compatible with this circuitry.

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