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Static Guard

All Taser and PhaZZer cartridges are fi red by electricity. Un- expected deployments can be caused by static electricity. All of the PhaZZer cartridges are shipped with a patented cartridge static guard snapped over the cartridge. This guard covers the blast doors and the drive stun probes. The cartridge static guard protects the cartridges from static electricity during land and air transportation. That said, the same loading precautions for the Taser car- tridges apply to the PhaZZer cartridges. Keep your hands and fi ngers clear of the blast doors during loading. The PhaZZer cartridge can be installed in the CEW device with the guards in place. Be sure to remove the guards before or immediately after loading the device. Like the Taser cartridge, the PhaZZer cartridge has termi- nals for a drive stun built right into the cartridge. The PhaZZer cartridge drive stun feature works exactly the same way as the Taser cartridge drive stun feature.

PhaZZer Training Cartridge

We shot the PhaZZer 21-foot Training Cartridge heads up against the PhaZZer 21-foot Dart Cartridge. To exactly match the point of aim versus point of impact of the dart cartridge, the Training Cartridge uses entirely different darts and wires. Instead of insulated steel wire used in the Dart Cartridge, the Training Cartridge uses non-conductive, high-tensile, nylon line. Instead of a two-piece steel-aluminum dart, the training dart is all aluminum. The training dart needle is similar to the energized dart, and has the same fi shhook point. The DC-21 Dart (duty) Cartridge and TC-21 Training Car- tridge have the same function feel, sound, zero and spread. It is entirely legitimate to do some initial training and some re- certifi cation training with the TC-21 for departments that issue a 21-foot dart cartridge.

Completely Viable Option

The PhaZZer cartridges work exactly like the Taser cartridges. Some Taser devices use a “smart cartridge” that communicates with the weapon to indicate the type of cartridge (range length) that has been loaded. This “communication” only applies to Taser X2 devices, and does not apply to the X26P or X26E. Taser International indicates that the use of non-Taser car- tridges will void the warranty of their devices. While Taser produces the two-cartridge X2, it is the X26P and original X26E devices that are carried by the vast majority of offi cers.


By T. W. Baker, Sr.

In testing conducted for the Indialantic, Fla. Police Department, both Taser brand munitions and PhaZZer-brand CEW cartridges were tested for cross compatibility and function in both Taser and PhaZZer CEWs. For the test, Taser M26, Taser X26E, Taser X26P, PhaZZer Enforcer and PhaZZer Dragon were used.

Among the cartridges tested were the Taser 21-foot dart cartridge, PhaZZer 21-foot dart cartridge, PhaZZer 21-foot training cartridge, and PhaZZer 25-foot dart cartridge.

It was noted during the testing that both Taser and PhaZZer dart cartridge munitions when discharged from a Taser CEW had the top dart impact, the target in line with the laser site, and the bottom dart impact about 8 degrees below the top dart.

A total of fi ve Taser and 45 PhaZZer cartridges were used for the testing. All Taser cartridges functioned without failure in all PhaZZer CEWs. All PhaZZer muni- tions functioned without failure in all Taser CEWs.

Staff Sergeant Theodore Baker is with the Indialantic, Fla. Police Department. He may be reached at

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With the one-year factory warranty, no X26E and very few X26P devices are still under warranty.

Based on these tests, the USA-made PhaZZer cartridges are a completely viable option for duty use in the Taser X26E and Taser X26P devices. PhaZZer cartridges are available directly from PhaZZer Electronics, or from SRT Supply and Witmer Public Safety Group.

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The U.S.-made PhaZZer cartridges use a newly designed and highly effective static guard.

The U.S.-made PhaZZer cartridges include a 21-foot Training Cartridge (blue), 15-foot Dart Cartridge (yellow), 21-foot Dart Cartridge (lime green) and 25-foot Dart Cartridge (brown). The range of the darts is embossed on the blast doors. 15

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