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meeting our current and projected needs.”

Rockford incorporated state-of-the- art technology such as the Smart Board Technology to assist with mission planning and briefings, and an exte- rior television monitor incorporated to facilitate the dissemination of infor- mation to a large number of personnel quickly. Ample and secured storage is a must, as well as a properly duty-rated generator system.

Pozzi stated, “Since they handle all builds and specialty equipment fabrication in-house, you always get what you want. You are never forced to accept something less than desired because of a third party distributor’s limited designs. If you desire it in a ve- hicle they can make it happen—plain and simple.”

Lenco Armor Lenny Light, VP and General Man- ager, Lenco Armor, stated that the Lenco BEAR and Lenco BearCat are

The Lenco MedEvac is a new BearCat variant combining the armored protection of a BearCat with the lifesaving trauma response capabilities of a medical response vehicle.

the most widely used tactical APCs in North America. Over 97 percent of the top 100 urban areas rely on Lenco vehicles, along with 35 State Police agencies, over 600 law enforce- ment agencies in total. The BearCat G2 and G3 are the most commonly purchased vehicles.

The G2 offers Lenco’s .50 Cal armor protection, seating 10-12 operators with excellent on-road mobility and high- way speeds for rapid response. The G3 provides the same tactical benefits, but comes equipped with an off-road-ca- pable tire package and run flats for deployments to more rural areas.

Light reported, “Without question, the most important feature to customers is the trust in the armor. Lenco ve- hicles have been in over 50 ballistic attacks and not a single ballistic penetration has occurred in a BEAR or BearCat.”

Lenco uses only U.S. military-approved armor for all vehicles. The integration of custom features used specifi- cally for SWAT applications such as the hydraulic RAM bar, the Gas Injector Unit, or the 4-Way RAM Camera is also important.

Light stated, “Lenco customers range from LAPD and LA Sheriffs to NYPD and Boston PD, as well as much smaller departments in rural areas around the country, represent- ing mutual aid programs covering thousands of depart- ments who operate Lenco vehicles every day.” Lenco has had many customers speak to the advantages of using the BearCat both to protect citizens and officers, as well as often preventing the necessity of using lethal force. For instance, while serving federal drug warrants, four Dallas SWAT officers were shot and the BearCat operator

drove between the shooter and wounded officers and the officers were pulled to safety while the suspect shot ad- ditional rounds. The SWAT doctor dressed wounds on the scene and the department credits this rescue to saving the lives of the four officers.

Police vehicles are being targeted for more ballistic at- tacks from shotgun rounds, rifles and handguns. However, homemade explosive devices such as pipe bombs and pres- sure cookers are growing in regularity. A well-designed armored police vehicle will defend against both types of attacks with specific armor for ballistic threats and high- velocity projectiles as well as a different grade armor de- signed specifically for land mines, explosive structures, and absorbing shock.

Safety features available include a back-up camera and forward facing camera that alert the driver to their sur- roundings. Custom ‘battle bolts’ are also standard for use during riots. Door hold-opens are standard to use in keep- ing a door ‘pinned’ open during a mission. The Lenco MedEvac is a new BearCat variant combining the armored protection of a BearCat with the lifesaving trauma response capabilities of a medical response ve- hicle. Designed for Tactical EMS & SWAT personnel, the Lenco MedEvac has medical equipment storage, a lighted workstation, onboard oxygen, tactical litters, and addi- tional overhead trauma lighting. Trained medics can enter the hot zone in a protected vehicle and rescue downed of- ficers or civilians. The MedEvac also operates like a stan- dard BearCat by providing Lenco’s standard .50 Cal armor protection, seating for 10 officers, gun-ports, standard LE equipment, and a rotating roof hatch. 41

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