Latest products Safety first with Armorgard

Armorgard’s InstructaHut is designed to be a multi-purpose noticeboard, meeting point and emergency station for first-aid, Health & Safety and fire equipment. The company says its aim was to

create an information board that would be recognised by its shape and colour, to instinctively remind anybody on site of important safety instructions and responsibilities. It can be vinyl wrapped in red for

fire safety products, or green for first aid products. There is also an optional Armorgard cabinet to provide a secure storage area for documents, tools, PPE, and fire and first aid equipment.

02392 380280 No emissions with EasyCabin

As we mentioned in our Market Report introductory article, AJC EasyCabin’s EcoSmart Zero welfare unit is designed to be powered purely by solar panels and hydrogen gas canisters for quiet, emission-free operation. The company’s range also includes the Solar Loo 1, a single, portable toilet

that is powered by a 70W solar panel. 01582 487077 Generac tackles site dust

This summer, Generac Mobile is showcasing its DF 7500 Mobile Power Tank (MPT) dust suppression unit, along with several compact versions including the DF Smart and DF Mini, on several hire depot tours and customer visits. The company says that, with ten models now available,

its DF Ecology range has proved popular on rail, quarry and construction sites. Beat Nowrooz, Business & Product Development Manager, said, “We are seeing more and more UK hirers adopting dust suppression technologies into their fleets. End users are realising the potential of implementing effective dust management strategies for improving health and wellbeing of workers and neighbouring communities.” The DF 7500 MPT incorporates a fog cannon on a

telescopic mast, a generating set and a 2,000-litre water tank. Suitable for small to medium-sized sites with limited water supplies, it is designed for minimal water use and can typically cover a distance of up to 40m.

01270 445777

HSC’s Elite performer

The Elite Dust Suppression Reservoir from The Hire Supply Co (HSC) is a 14-litre manual pump pressure water system designed for use when cutting construction materials. The user connects the product to a cut-off saw via the standard hose connection and primes the unit which then delivers a constant stream of water to the blade. It has a reinforced base and an anti-kink hose spring

support to protect the hose from being bent over and splitting in operation. The latest models sport HSC’s updated Elite logo and a QR code on the bottle facilitates ordering additional machines or spare parts.

0115 946 1988 37

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