Perkins targets Stage V

Perkins promoted its latest hybrid-electric, mechanical and hydraulic power technologies alongside its new 0.5 to 18-litre EU Stage V engine range. The manufacturer is offering hybrid and electric technologies

GAP’s gold achievement

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, GAP displayed a number of machines that had been specially finished in a golden livery, including this Kubota mini excavator. The hirer showed a representative sample of equipment from

across its eight divisions, from core fleet items like cordless power tools to non-mechanical plant and specialist lifting, survey and welfare services.

0141 225 4600 Molson Compact shows Kobelco newcomers

Molson Compact Equipment showed the latest models in the line-up of Kobelco excavators, for which it is UK distributor, including two machines in the 8-tonne class. The SK75 SR-7 and SK85 MSR-7 are short radius and medium

short radius machines respectively and have been updated to meet the requirements of the new EU Stage V emissions regulations. At the same time, the manufacturer has taken the opportunity to re-engineer them with re-designed cabs and hydraulic systems. The cab is the same as that used on Kobelco 14-tonne machines. Performance and productivity levels are said to have been

increased by 30% over the previous models, with reduced fuel consumption. Inside the cab, a 10in display is provided and a jog wheel control gives access to telematics information.

01789 414525

across its Stage V power range from 8.2kW to 597kW (11hp to 800hp), designed for straightforward OEM installation. It says that power density has increased by up to 28%, torque by up to 29% and reduced consumption of fuel and exhaust treatments. With a power output of 19kW (25hp), the 403J-17T is a compact

turbocharged engine delivering 24% more power and 166Nm of torque, which is said to be 34% more compared to its predecessor. The new Syncro 3.6-litre model offers power up to 100kW (134hp), while the 1204J-E44TA/TTA is a 4-cylinder, 4.4-litre engine capable of multiple power ratings from 82kW to 150kW (110hp to 201hp) with peak torque reaching 825 Nm and improvements in power output and fuel consumption. At the larger end of the range, the 1706J-E93TA is a 6-cylinder,

9.3-litre engine providing 19% more power and improved torque of up to 340kW and 2088Nm.

01733 583000

Atlas Copco’s bright idea

Atlas Copco’s HiLight Z3+ battery-powered LED lighting tower offers running times of up to 32 hours and zero noise during operation, with no engine emissions. The machine

uses lithium-ion battery technology which, in comparison to lead-acid and gel battery types, is claimed to offer up to 20% greater depth of discharge, three times more energy density and a lifetime of 6,000 cycles. Recharge time is six hours. The HiLight Z3+ has four 160W LED heads which have a life

expectancy of 50,000 hours. Combined with specially designed directional glass optics, the floodlights provide optimal light distribution over a 3,000m2

Maximum mast height is 8m. 01442 222350

23 illumination area, says Atlas Copco.

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