The 30-19E Teletruk has potential on urban sites.

The batteries are housed on a lift-out tray inside the back of the 30-19E. The electric Teletruk gains

a tighter rear steering lock so that turning radius is reduced from 5.0m to 4.0m, and it also gets a new electro-hydraulic single lever providing proportional control.

So far, JCB has not revealed an electric dumper but its recently introduced in-house produced diesel dumper range continues to expand. New additions include a 6.0-tonne payload 6T Hi Viz dumper with a narrower width than the original 7.0 tonne 7T Hi Viz model. Complete with a JCB EcoMAX diesel engine, a JCB Powershuttle transmission and JCB axles, the 2.3m-wide 6T Hi Viz has the same-style low slung, front tipping skip (to maximise forward visibility) as its bigger brother. It comes as standard with the ROPS/FOPS Level II certified JCB Sitesafe cab which has a reinforced frame and impact protective front screen.

JCB has also added front and swivel-tip 3.0-tonne capacity conventional style site dumpers. Complete with Kubota engines and hydrostatic transmissions, this duo is designated the 3T-1 FT and 3T-1 ST.

Meanwhile, the company’s 1.0-tonne capacity high- tip articulated site dumper has been updated.

JCB’s second Hi Viz site dumper is a narrower-width 6-tonne capacity machine.

Now designated the 1T-1 HT, it has gained

a Stage V emission-certified Kubota diesel engine, a lockable parking brake switch and JCB’s Drive Inhibit feature to prevent operation without lap belt engagement. This machine is also now available with full TwinLock on both its front and rear wheels to maximise traction.

Lightweight tandem rollers

Having revealed its CT260-120 vibrating roller at the Executive Hire Show, JCB is now busy promoting four new-era lightweight tandems: the CT260-120 and CT260-100 (with drum widths of 1,200mm and 1,000mm) and the CT160-100 and CT160-80 (1,000mm and 800mm). Operating weights are 2,560kg, 2,420kg, 1,790kg and 1,710kg respectively.


All four articulated rollers have a new ‘hourglass’ frame design that enhances visibility to both sides of the drums. They are powered by Stage V emissions-ready Kubota engines (rated at 18.5kW for the CT260 and 14.5kW for the CT160) that do not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Gaining access to the seat from either side, the operator can apply vibration to both drums or either the front or rear drum. There are two frequency settings of 50Hz and 60Hz and the machines come as standard with Automatic Vibration Control - a system that stops vibration when machine direction is switched from forward to reverse, and vice versa.

Another newcomer that stands to benefit from the expected increase in road repair work is the 3CX Compact Highway Master backhoe loader, developed with selected customers over a three-year period. Distinguished by its red and white chevron decals, it has a skid steer loader-style quick coupler and 120 litre/min high-flow hydraulic lines at the front. This allows the use of a 600mm- wide cold planer attachment such as a unit developed in partnership with Paladin that features built-in dust suppression, depth control and hydraulic tilt and side shift.

Ready to repair the UK’s roads: the new CT260-120 roller and 3CX Compact Highways Master.

Alternative front-end attachments can include a 0.8m3 capacity

multi-purpose loader bucket and a heavy duty sweeper/collector, such as the 1,800mm-wide unit with dust suppression from Whites. The backhoe comes with Powerslide side shift as standard and alternative rear attachments can include a Simex-sourced 300mm wide planer or a hydraulic breaker like the JCB HM166Q.

The 3CX Compact Highways Master has two integrated 80-litre stainless steel water tanks that automatically provide water front and rear through a pressurised system for dust suppression. There is also the option of a hand-held hydraulic tool circuit with a side-mounted hose reel to power a JCB HM25 breaker.

The all wheel steer machine is powered by a 55kW ‘JCB by Kohler’ engine and it has a new Rexroth Vario Speed Pro hydrostatic transmission. Night work is aided by an array of LED lights. Given the sorry state of many UK roads, this versatile machine is badly needed.

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