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Kornit continues to grow sales in the Americas K

ornit has announced that Textil del Valle South America in Lima, Peru and GEAR for Sports in Kansas, USA, have invested in Kornit technology. Textil del Valle, a vertically integrated garment

manufacturing company, has chosen to implement Kornit's DTG printing technology at its 1.1 million sq ft facility. Textil del Valle services many of the world’s most prominent apparel brands, including global leaders in sports and athleisurewear.

Juan Jose Cordova, general manager, said: "Kornit’s sustainable print technology provides the last piece of the puzzle, so we have the ‘full package’ for manufacturing the garment itself, imprinting it on demand based on the customer need, and shipping it ourselves, all from a single location. "Our market has been veering away from stocking shelves with inventory that may or may not sell, and the Kornit solution helps our business and customers eliminate that uncertainty and risk. We are the most sustainable textile plant in the world, and Kornit enables us to continue answering market demands in an efficient, responsible manner.”

GEAR for Sports on the other hand has installed a Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro

GEAR for Sports has invested in a Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro system

system to supplement previously- implemented Kornit Digital DTG print systems within the company’s Lenexa production facility.

GEAR for Sports sells its products under some of the most powerful brands in sportswear, including Under Armour, Champion, Alternative Apparel, Hanes, and Gear for Sports. This compelling portfolio of brands allows GEAR to provide a longstanding history of quality graphics and innovative apparel design, giving customers a single resource for all their sportswear needs. Installing an Avalanche

wo new jackets, which are ideal for tradespeople who work outside throughout the year, have been added to Dickies’ range this season.


Padded for warmth, the Dickies Winter Softshell Jacket features stretch fabric for ease of movement – allowing the wearer to stay warm without the restrictive, bulky feel of some winter jackets.

Easy to embroider with company logos, the jacket is available in six colourways, making it simple to co- ordinate as part of a uniform. Also new this season is the Dickies Winter Jacket, which benefits from quilted lining for added warmth on particularly cold days, plus a fleece- lined chin guard for extra comfort.

Dickies launches new jackets for winter 2020

Poly Pro, which integrates Kornit’s proprietary NeoPoly print technology with the brand’s production strategy, will enable the company to custom-print poly rich garments on demand. GEAR for Sports has implemented three Kornit DTG print systems in the last two years. Having established a process for delivering imprinted cotton garments on demand, and further answering the voice of its customers, the brand decided to expand these capabilities to polyester and poly-blend pieces.

Cindy Olivarez, director of operations – customs and logistics, said: "We’ve been inviting key customers to our facility to demonstrate what the Poly Pro equipment can do, as we expand our digital printing capability throughout our facility.

"Digital printing is an ever-growing business and is key to our business initiatives. Having the ability to print polyester T shirts one unit at a time will allow us to gain consumers who want poly rich garments, and Kornit’s Poly Pro system offers the best possible quality to allow GEAR for Sports to expand our DTG business.”

James & Nicholson launches first recycled polyester collection


ast month saw James & Nicholson introduce an innovative sport collection made of recycled polyester. The new sport collection is characterised on the one hand by the innovative use of recycled polyester and on the other hand by a modern look, which means: reduced colours, such as titan, black, white, bright red, with a lot of space for decoration. The function shirts

Dickies Winter Jacket

Both jackets are waterproof and breathable and include reflective details, plus adjustable cuffs and hems to retain warmth. James Whitaker, marketing director at Dickies Workwear, said: “Our clothing has been used to protect tradespeople in some of the world’s harshest working environments and these new jackets are designed to offer warmth and protection from the elements in the cold, dark days of winter.

“Both jackets are waterproof to a high level, while offering insulation and breathability – allowing the wearer to remain warm, dry and comfortable whatever the weather this season.”

| 6 | February 2020

(JN519/JN520, JN523/JN524) made of recycled polyester, are for example breathable, moisture- regulating, quick-drying and therefore the ideal companion for sports and leisure.

Manufacturing one sports T shirt (JN519) means, for example, recycling 25 half litre PET-bottles. For colder days there is the long sleeve version (JN521/JN522), which is also ideal to wear underneath.

Ladies’ Sports T (JN519) and Ladies’ Sports Tights (JN527)

The casual sports outfit is rounded off by shorts (JN525/JN526) and running tights in different lengths (JN527/JN528/JN529), as well as fashionable hooded jackets (JN531/JN532, JN533/JN534).

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