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Trotec presents the new Speedy 400 laser engraver


he new Speedy 400 laser cutter from Trotec features a range of innovations which set it apart from the competition, including optimised performance for quality and speed, easy material loading, maximum operator comfort and the most efficient processing.

Customer productivity is at the forefront of Trotec's mind when designing new products. To improve production efficiency, the maximum engraving speed of the Speedy 400 has been increased from 3.55 m/sec to 4.3 m/sec at an acceleration of 5g, which when combined with the revolutionary motion planning system OptiMotion, make the new Speedy 400 capable of cutting up to eight times as fast as comparable laser cutters. The new OptiMotion feature calculates cutting speed and acceleration based on the geometries of the graphic in real time, allowing you to easily plan your production time per job. Other features include: ● Intuitive Trotec JobControl software to achieve perfect results. ● Patented Sonar Technology to atumotically detect the focus point at each position of the worktable.

● New dynamic status display. ● JobControl Vision camera system, designed for accurate processing of pre-printed materials.

New Vastex EconoRed II dryer cures plastisol/water-based inks


new EconoRed II-30 high capacity dryer from Vastex cures up to 300 plastisol-printed garments/h, and 100 garments/h screen printed with water-based ink or


The dryer is 20% quieter and 13cm narrower than its EC II-30 predecessor owing to its top-mounted exhaust system, and allows positioning of the control box on the right (standard) or left side of the enclosure to suit shop layouts. It is equipped as standard with a 76cm wide conveyor belt and two 61cm wide, 3600 watt heaters (total 7,200 watts). Capacity can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled as needs grow by adding one, two or three additional heating chambers, extending the belt length and increasing the belt speed. The heaters feature closely spaced coils that provide high- density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under-curing, and come with a 15-year warranty.

A Vastex Infrared Focusing System allows heater adjustment to any height from 5 to 18cm above the belt, allowing the operator to compensate for garment thickness. To cool the outer cabinet while evacuating moisture and fumes, EconoRed II-30 single-chamber models are equipped with a 10 m3/min. exhaust system, while two-chamber models utilise a 21.5 m3/min. system.

All models include a digital PID temperature controller accurate to +/- 1°C, allowing the operator to

accurately repeat or fine-tune drying results, and a belt tracking system for increased belt life.

An EconoRed ER-II-54 version with 137cm wide conveyor belt will soon follow.

Speedy 400

New RIP solution for Mutoh’s UV LED DTO printers

utoh Europe has released a dedicated RIP software solution for its UV LED direct to object flatbed production printers, called Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition. Developed for Mutoh Europe by CADlink Technology Corporation, this new RIP solution has been specifically tailored to the Mutoh ValueJet 426UF A3+ size and ValueJet 626UF A2-size six colour (C, M, Y, K, clear and white) UV LED flatbed printer models. Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition integrates a dedicated feature set smartly addressing the unique production workflow requirements inherent to UV digital direct to object print technology.


Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition includes the following key features: ● Drives Mutoh ValueJet 426UF and ValueJet 626UF models. ● Easy creation and handling of templates for object jigs: flexible data filling, sizing and positioning.

● Accurate colour reproduction and advanced colour management handling white and clear inks.

● Automated white underbase feature to easily handle jobs on transparent or non-white substrates for both vector and raster data.

● Automated black background removal feature literally blending artwork into black substrates, improving print appearance while reducing white ink consumption.

● Access to a unlimited amount of job queues with presets, allowing to automate job processing in function of substrate properties, job type, printer configuration etc.: CMYK only, white underbase + CMYK + varnish, structure prints.

EconoRed II-30

● Easy connection from CorelDRAW and Adobe products. ● Multi-language, context sensitive help Compass, including videos. The new Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition RIP software will be available exclusively from Mutoh Certified Distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

February 2020 |21 |

Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition

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