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ow the votes are in and the Conservatives have won by a majority of 80 seats it still doesn’t quite feel like Churchill’s sunlit uplands to me.

Now, there’s an idea N

I have to confess that I have not been a fan of Boris Johnson. Over the past four years he has proved himself a serial liar regarding Brexit and over a longer period a serial philanderer. As far as I am concerned these are not qualifications to be in 10 Downing Street.

But at this point I have to recognise that he appears to be serious in starting a very necessary mending process in this country. If 52% go on despising 48%, and vice versa we are in deep trouble. If, however, he can achieve at least some healing, his time as prime minister will have been a success. His problem in this respect will undoubtedly be the reaction that he is a key reason why that healing is required.

Get Brexit done

Mr Johnson has spent six weeks pushing the line ‘let’s get Brexit done’. God knows, we’re all sick of it but now he’s got to do it so we can we get back to normality, when we will be able to phone clients and not be told that Brexit uncertainty is still gumming up the works. You can be confident that it will not be as soon as people expect. I fear we may be sitting on our hands waiting for the politicians to finalise things for another year. I think that we should be queuing up at politicians’ surgeries – all brands, all flavours, but the Conservative brand leaders in particular – to demand results. You promised us results, we voted for you, so where is it?

The older I get the more aware I become that politicians will lie to me, especially at election time. This is, of course, my fault. If I hadn’t swallowed it and voted anyway last time, it wouldn’t happen this time. I recommend that everyone keeps the Conservatives’ election leaflet so that any failed promises can be called out to candidates at the next election. (I wish I’d done this for decades myself). In fairness, since the Tories made very few promises, they may prove able to keep them.

Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to stand down as Labour leader is good news. A Marxist with sympathies for terrorist organisations simply doesn’t share the views and wishes of the vast majority of British people. For the same reason I hope that Labour Party

| 44 | February 2020

Winston Churchill said that democracy was the worst form of government except for all the others. The candidates and especially the party leaders in the 2019 General Election appear to have been doing their level best to prove him right. Marketing expert Paul Clapham provides a post-election update.

members don’t select as his replacement either John McDonnell or Rebecca Long- Bailey because both reflect his views. Sir Kier Starmer, is the bookies favourite. Should you be a Labour Party member, I would recommend you push for Dan Jarvis to throw his hat into the ring. He’s MP for Barnsley Central and you could call that Labour Central. He’s a moderate – just what they need. He’s an ex-army officer so he has been trained in leadership – something else they need. The Lib Dems blew it big style. Jo Swinson declared up front that she would revoke Brexit without a second referendum if elected. Talk about taking careful aim at both feet! She paid for that by losing her seat and, please note, in the run-up to the election the Lib Dems were viewed in some quarters as likely power brokers in a coalition.

On to business

And so, to business. The FTSE 100 index rose almost 80 points the day after the election. One of its best days since the 2016 referendum. Utilities, notionally threatened by Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to renationalise them, went on a rocket ride: Severn Trent Water up 199 points, Scottish

and Southern Electricity up 106 points as two examples.

Deadlock is done with and serious commentators are predicting that a wave of overseas investment is going to hit these shores. How much of it washes into your bank account is down to you, of course.

See above comment about utilities as a start point. Look at the holiday industry which will benefit from the rise in sterling and since your products are imported you too will benefit. Estate agents are expecting a winner as demand is unleashed.

One potential outcome of this election might well be focus. If you look at the promises made by Labour and the Lib Dems, we were all going to get at least one of everything. By contrast Boris Johnson banged one drum – let’s get Brexit done – and he banged it relentlessly. OK he made a side issue of investing in the NHS but for a British politician that’s like saying that you like football when you’re already in Wembley Stadium. With luck, in future elections it won’t just be one person, one vote but also one party one main promise. Treating the electorate as adults – now there’s an idea.

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