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Industrial inkjet poised for growth as confidence in the market soars, says Future of Inkjet Survey

onfidence in the future of the industrial inkjet market is high, according to a new survey from FM Future and Strategic Partner Ricoh Europe. The Future of Inkjet Survey evaluates the attitudes and trends that are driving the adoption of inkjet, speaking to 129 participants from around the world. The survey and accompanying report are available for download here. The survey reveals that more than 95% of respondents are extremely confident or very confident in the future of industrial inkjet, and 40% foresee growth in excess of 10% over the next 12 months. In terms of achieving the required quality of production, 78% believe these requirements are close to being met in their market.


When asked which market segment they viewed as the next growth opportunity for inkjet, packaging came out on top, specifically corrugated and folding carton (56%). This was followed by the opportunity for inkjet in garment printing (46%). The décor segment was also popular, with 44% of respondents considering wallcoverings as among the top opportunities for inkjet. Overall, the packaging, décor, and textile segments are expected to lead the way in inkjet growth.

While the survey demonstrates a wealth of positivity towards the future of inkjet, it also highlights some of the principal barriers to growth; 76% either agree or somewhat agree that there are too few integrating companies of scale in the market, and this is a problem for the growth of industrial

inkjet, while half of respondents believe that technical challenges are holding inkjet back in terms of growth. Co-founder of FM Future, Marcus Timson, said: “The insights gained from the Future of Inkjet Survey confirm that the outlook for industrial inkjet is overwhelmingly positive, and confidence in the future of the market is strong. Crucially, it also offers some incredibly useful observations on the need for better education and communication in certain areas in order to facilitate continued growth. We encourage businesses that are invested or interested in the industrial inkjet space to download the survey and report to learn more about expectations for the market.”

Key findings from the Future of Inkjet Survey include: ● 99% feel confident in the future. Only 1% do not feel confident in the future of industrial inkjet

● 40% foresee overall growth in the inkjet market exceeding 10% in the next 12 months

● 78% believe inkjet printing will achieve the required quality of production for their market and a further 20% believe it will in time

● 56% see corrugated and folding carton packaging as the next growth opportunity for inkjet

● 50% believe technical barriers are the leading challenge facing inkjet growth

The survey is supported by association partner SGIA and contributors IMI Europe, GIS, and Sun Chemical. The report features further analysis and insight from IT Strategies.

PF Concept appoints new account director ollowing the

position of sales director last summer, PF Concept has now appointed a new account director. Emily Carpenter has joined the account management team, and after three successful years with Senator she is well known throughout the promotional merchandise industry. Her new role will


encompass assisting key clients in identifying and

Emily Carpenter joins PF Concept

proposing relevant merchandise solutions from the extensive PF Concept offering.

Ms Carpenter said: “I’m very excited to be joining PF Concept at a time of clear investment in their UK and European operations. “I was incredibly impressed by the facility in Blackpool and exciting new product launches planned for 2020. I am looking forward to catching up with clients over the comings weeks and cannot wait to get started.” Mr Durant added: “It was clear that Emily was the standout candidate for this position, and we’re delighted to have her on board. I am confident that Emily will play a key role in providing and implementing high quality solutions for our customers.”

Ms Carpenter will spend her first few weeks learning the comprehensive range of from stock, UK manufactured and bespoke solutions which PF Concept offers before visiting clients.

| 10 | February 2020

appointment of Rob Durant to the

PF Concept enters into partnership with

through a new P

partnership with light-up technology brand

provides items such as Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers, that not only feel good in your hand, but that are customisable with

Some items from the range

branding that lights up. The high-end range features an exclusive and patented design with a stylish rubber coating and shines with a special eye-catcher.

With this partnership, PF concept is once again demonstrating its keen sense of trends in the promotional market. Every piece is delivered in an appealing package like a gift box made from recycled carton.

F Concept is expanding its

technology offering

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