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DecoNetwork Work smarter in your business

eTrader Websites that actually generate sales for print and embroidery business

Are you fed up of having a website that does not function properly? Or does not generate enough income?

eTrader provides garment decorators across the UK and Ireland practical, easy to use websites that can help grow your business and generate actual sales.

Selling printed and

DecoNetwork has built all the tools you need to work smarter in your print and embroidery business. No other software solution can compete with the flexibility, depth, and strength of its features. DecoNetwork leads the way by supporting multiple types of decoration methods, so whether you specialise in DTG, screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, rhinestone or multi-decoration, DecoNetwork has got you covered.

With DecoNetwork, you receive complete visibility with a real-time view to efficiently run your day-to-day print and embroidery operations, making it easier than ever before to make informed production decisions. Reduce those annoying costly errors and dazzle your customers with artwork approvals that provide stunning visual proofs of their designs. Attract more customers with a professional business website that features a mobile-friendly online designer, product catalog integrations, easy check-out options, and more. Plus, with the easy to use drag-and-drop website editor, updating your website is a breeze. The DecoNetwork team recently released a brand- new update jam-packed with the most requested features, along with major speed, performance, and productivity improvements.

With this latest update, production jobs can now be viewed on a calendar and arranged via drag and drop technology. The added feature enables users to schedule and reschedule production dates with ease. This new calendar is the way forward with its day view, week view, and month view options, making it easier than ever to keep track of projects. DecoNetwork now integrates with ShipStation to pass order information and automatically mark orders as shipped when completed in ShipStation. The new ShipStation integration makes the communications and shipping process smoother than ever before, giving licensees more time to spend growing your business.

For those wanting to remove pricing from the front- end website altogether, the new update offers the ability to change a web store to use Quote Mode, which takes customer concepts from the designer and submits them to you as quote requests. Quote requests are then priced and sent out for approval from the customer, and once approved, the quote can be converted into an order for payment processing.

DecoNetwork’s Website Builder continues to be supported with further updates. With its ease of use, licensees can effortlessly build a mobile-friendly website integrated with supplier products, custom price tables, the online designer, and more, all with simple drag and drop widgets.

embroidered clothing online does not need to be difficult. An

eTrader website takes away the fuss, stress and complications of selling online. The eTrader team creates the websites and you just reap the rewards.

Sell the printed and embroidered clothing you want without being tied into specific wholesalers. eTrader has items available from hundreds of industry leading suppliers.

With an emphasis on practicality and simplicity, an eTrader website focuses on mirroring how your business works in-store online. Unlike other solutions eTrader also offers: ● A variety of sales, marketing and quoting tools. ● Unlimited stores for your customers, schools and clubs at no extra cost. ● In-store and online training for your staff. ● SEO, social media, email campaigns and other marketing support. ● UK based customer service team.

Custom Gateway How garment decorators can use the custom product platform

The garment decoration industry is seeing how moving to an on demand model for smaller orders and one-offs is becoming a very lucrative market and the machine manufacturers are building the machines to enable this. 500 orders of one-off T shirts are far more profitable that one order of 500 with the same design on, the only stumbling block has been the process to route the orders and artwork to the machinery.

Custom Gateway’s Custom Product Platform has been enabling the artwork

delivery and workflow solutions for the personalisation and mass customisation markets for several years. Following the ongoing development of several key partnerships, this has

now made the processes needed to maximise production and simplify operator’s routines a reality for the garment decoration market. Orders for personalised or print on demand T shirts for example can now have artwork uploaded by website customers prepared for printing with all of the parameters needed for the machines used, with one click on a bar code scanner. For embroidered items, the same system can generate EMB or DST files and once checked as part of any embroiderers standard quality control procedure dropped into the relevant hot folder for the embroidery machine. The whole system will allow a fully barcoded workflow system to maximise the production capabilities for any size garment decorator. Check out Custom Gateway’s webinar titled ‘How Garment Decorators can use our Custom Product Platform’ for more information. February 2020 |57 |

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