Waterpark Profile

Last but not least is our 5D Cinesplash attraction – a first-of-its kind attraction in the region, this ride uses special effects to awaken the senses and take guests on a simulated journey for an immersive water-filled cinematic experience. And last but not least guests can get the chance to

plunge to the depths of an underwater tank in a quest to collect three oysters, which contain precious pearls, with the Yas Pearl Diving Experience; an adventure reminiscent of Emirati pearl diving.

PW: What’s new this season? LW: With a line-up of events set to take place this upcoming season, Yas Waterworld looks forward to hosting guests for ‘Cinema Under The Stars’, the region’s only open-air waterpark cinema experience that screens guests favourite blockbuster movies. Guests can kick back, relax on a poolside or float in the water as they watch some of the best movies under the starry night sky. Back again for the second time this year, Yas

Waterworld will be hosting the Kabayan Beach Fiesta. This unmissable event will offer guests the chance to experience the park with five hours of after-dark access to over 40 world-class rides, slides and attractions and the chance to experience live Filipino music, the karaoke beach club and a spectacular line-up of beach games at the Amwaj Wave Pool. With 100% privacy guaranteed, Yas Waterworld’s

beloved Ladies Season delivers exciting water adventures to its female guests on selected Thursdays. Officially dubbed the UAE’s favourite ladies-only event as voted by guests at the What’s On Awards, ladies are able to enjoy a number of exhilarating experiences without any reservations, splashing away to their hearts’ content with no mobile phones in sight.

PW: Are you planning any new slides, rides or attractions for 2020? If so, can you talk about them? LW: For the time being, we’re not opening any new additions, however guests can explore a captivating world of rides, slides, and attractions - four of which can be found nowhere else in the world - and a diversity of seasonal events and shows. Guests of Yas Waterworld will get the chance to create memorable experiences with every visit to seasonal events including Cinema under the stars, Neon nights, Ladies Season or Kabayan Beach Fiesta.


PW: How do you decide which manufacturers and suppliers to work with and how closely do you work with them in developing new slides, rides and attractions? LW: We work with leading rides manufacturers and we are always up to date with new technologies and experiences around the world that can be implemented at Yas Waterworld. We take our guests feedback with high priority, ensuring we always introduce new experiences based on their insights in order to keep them engaged and entertained. The park pairs advanced technology with exceptional planning and engineering to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of experience for our guests.

PW: Tell me about your food and retail offering? LW: Our guests can satisfy their cravings with dishes from around the world at Yas Waterworld. Our dining offering encompasses everything from quick snacks, to sit down meals as well as refreshing beverages and frozen desserts. Dhabi’s Ice Cream is the perfect pit- stop to chill out at in between rides, offering an unlimited range of delectable toppings. For those in the mood for a mouth-watering meal, Chubby’s Kitchen serves up everything from fried chicken and pizza to noodles and daal. Enjoy the variety of food while watching the roller coaster whiz by and pearl divers foraging for treasure. Available also during the Mermaid Adventure Experience is the award winning Mermaid Twister. Inspired by our original story of The Lost Pearl, the Mermaid Twister is the latest addition to the ever expanding ice cream offerings at Yas Waterworld. It is a delectable handmade mermaid themed ice cream consisting of two scoops of candy flavored ice cream spiraling unto a Nutella coated cinnamon cone, dipped in rainbow colored sprinkles, adorned with pearl chocolates and topped with a turquoise chocolate mermaid tail. When it comes to shopping, our guests can pick up

everything from souvenirs and snacks to local wares and sweets at our Emirati-themed shops including Qaryat Al Jewana Souk and Sultan & Sons for a wide range of branded water park swag. The family can dive, discover, delight as they retrieve oysters like the fabled pearl divers of old and then have the pearls fashioned into custom jewelry at Tawasha Pearl Shop. Available during certain periods of the year, guest can shop at the award-winning Mermaid Boutique Experience that transforms little ones into mermaids, tail and all!

PW: How have guest expectations changed? LW: Our guests have always been satisfied with the entertainment and waterpark experience we offer. We ensure that our events and campaigns are centered on their needs offering them a one-of-a-kind experience where they can choose from slides, rides and attractions to F&B and a unique shopping experience.

PW: What do you want your customers to come away thinking about their experience? LW: Above all, we always try our best to draw smiles on our guests’ faces, and to ensure that they had the best possible experience at our water park. Yas Waterworld has won countless accolades over the years, including World’s Leading Water Park (World Travel Awards), and so much of that is down to our high guest satisfaction scores year after year.

PW: What are your biggest achievements? LW: Open since 2013, Yas Waterworld has garnered more than 30 industry awards and accolades. Recognized with the “Certificate of Excellence” every year since its opening, Yas Waterworld earned its place in the TripAdvisor “Hall of Fame” in 2018. YWW was also given the accolade of the Region’s Leading Waterpark 2019 at the MENALAC Awards. Additionally, the water park was voted the ‘Middle East’s Leading Waterpark’ at the World Travel Awards two years in a row (2018 & 2019). Yas Waterworld also received recognition as the ‘World’s Leading Waterpark’ in December 2018, cementing its position as Water’s Greatest Playground. In 2019, To celebrate the Year of Tolerance, Yas

Waterworld succeeded in grabbing the Guinness World Records title for ‘Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool” which was quite the achievement.

PW: What are your plans for the rest of the year? LW: For the remaining months of 2019 and looking ahead to 2020, Yas Waterworld will be hosting a series of unmissable and returning events including Neon Nights, Cinema under the stars, Ladies Season, Kabayan Beach Fiesta, Mermaid Adventures and much more.


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