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FEC of he Ye Judge Phil Taylor

presenting the aw dar to Chris Tricker,

general manager, VR Park & Dig It Emaar Entertainment LLC

Chris Tr c er GM, VR ar ubaiMall alk


win his CT fo

hugel ar

Chris Triicker GM, VR Park, Th Dubai Mall talks to Park World:orld: PW: What did it mean to you to win this award?ard? een

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Aw ds is bo ime an

CT: It haIt has been a hugely successful year for VR Park. To be recognized as FEC of the Year at the Park World Excellence Awards is both an honour, and a testament to the time and investment that Emaar Entertainment has put into this unique es in ti n.

successfu ear at he

an honour men

En er ainment has put in destination.”


PW:What do you think made youyo stand out to the judges?


CT “Combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual ea ity (VR) via xperiences and ides, VR ar

l ty interactiv

CT: “Combining augmented eality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) via 18 interactive experiences and rides, VR Park is the first of

isthe ir of

ecognized as FE orld Ex ellenc nd

hi ear es ament

at Emaar nique



services to others in the industry. It’s allso aso chance to help build long term business relationships.

CT: “In addition to winning a prestigious award which we are thrilled about, this event provides the perfect opportunity to showcase our brands, products and in

networking opportunity? In ad it on

PW: How useful is he networking opportunity?

ar whic ide

ho ca se vices anc

el ti ns ip ar

ur br nd er

lle elp build long er ndu tr

useful is the event as a wi ni

ent as es ig ou

he per ect opportunity uc

It usines

bout, hi nd

PW: Will you be taking part again next year? CT: Winning is sur hope

yo ye

CT “Winning is a great recognition, and we sure hope to retturn next year and to impress the judges with new innovations that willll make our attraction stand out even more.”

he judges wit

ur next ear and ne

mak our attraction and out

eat ecognition, and inno ations hat wi

en more. impress

VR Park, Dubai iits kind in the Middle East. Additionally, I fos er multipla er

VR Park, Dubai ts kind in heMiddle East. Additionally,

think what makes it stand out is the concept on ‘shared escapism’ xperiences hat ar ne

suc as aradrop or Dubai Drone. Additionally,Additionally, the park exists to enable anyone of all ages and backgrounds to have an exciting and affordable experience withinwithin a convenient location”

hink what makes it and out is he concep on ‘shared escapism’ to foster multiplayer experiences that are new and innovative, such as Paradrop or Dubai Drone. he par


an one of all ages and ba ha


and inno ative, enable


citing and affordable xperience con enient location”

FEC of the Year




Entertainment of the Ye

ear be En er ainmen

creating highl sh

ca li an

uy du ou al ay tr es hemed an


if er nt fr tr


een ou he he he

Puy du Fou for Le Premier Royaume (The First Kingdom)

Puy du Fou for Le Premier Royaume (The First Kingdom)

CEO Guillaume Gallaire says: “Fiirrsttlly, it’s a grea

CEO Guillaume Gallaire, says: “F


for the second year in a row for best Live Entertainment production. This distinction crowns the great work performed by all our teams to deliver the best immersive, authentic and one-of-a-kind experience to our guests. “I guess the judges, as our guests, have been touched by the way Puy du Fou always tries to touch the hearts by creating highly themed and surprising experiences. Each show we create is different from the other ones and so you can live an extensiive travel through history.

production. Thi di tinction cr wns pe formed au hentic an

fo he econd ear in all ou

ams one-of-a-kin “I guess he jud es as ou ea Sponsored by:

eat honour for Puy du Fou to be awardedde for be

onour fo

uy du ou Liv

ea deliv

xpe ience uests, ha

he bes immersive, our gues s.

su prising xper ences. Eac ough his or

he ones and so ou

Thus, ‘Le Premier Royaume’ adds a new touch in thiis ttravel by staging the ‘AncienAncient Francia’, thihis mysterious and crucial period when Cllovis, a very important character in France hiistory, funded the first Kingdom of France. Th nk to had

Thus ‘L , r ha stor ar emier aging

crucial per od whe anc

encount s: futur

aume ovis

su e, it artrue pleasu pr

ees”. So

“Thanks to the great organisation of this warm event, we have had the opportunity to meet colleagues and peers from the park and show industry. We deserve all our encounters: future will tell us where it can bring us; but forut for sure, it was a true pleasure to meet them all.” erbefrom end e sa s: “good ee ou next ea

unded he ea

ppo tunit nd sh

ill el du is ti

Kingdom of hi

her mee hem all. en

ee colleagues and peer es


“A proverb from Vendee says: “good things come in threes”. So, see you next year

an bring us ing

ome in dds ancia er im or ant ne uc in nce s

er ous an ar ct

Entertainment of the Year






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