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The Mack Family: IIt’s great! We feel very honoured to be recognised with the two awards. Many well recognised colleagues have been in the jury which makes it very special for us. It’s great to know that the iindustry experts reward our daily work at Germany’s llargest theme parrk.

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PW: What do you think made you st

PW What do ou hink made yo stand out to the judges? amil

iin emotions and tradition. Our heart is always at theat he moutmouth of our visitors, alw

The Mack Family: Her at Europa-Par n emotions and tradition. Our hear wit

he aim of our visitors, always with the aim to archive ar hiv ou

Here at Europa-Park we believe is alw

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Park of the Ye

Large Theme of the Year

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Europa-Park Water Ride of the Ye Year Mack Rides for Merlin’s Quest at Toverland Mack Rides for Merlin’s Quest at Toverland Europa-Park

better and

better and a greater experience for our guests. As a family we try to doto do our best every day and never stop trying to become better.


our guests. As our bes trying

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PW: How useful was the event as a networking opportunity?


opportunity? TheMac

The Mack Family: The ve

ope. The event was ent

see all our colleagues. This is an event you should no miss during IAAPA Expo Eurrope.

very interesting, and it was great to see all our colleagues. This is an ent ou should not miss during IAAPAAPA Expo Euro

Sponsored by: as as he



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