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Rollercoaster of the Ye

Intam n for Taiga at Linnanmäki, Intamini

Rollercoaster of the Year

ear for Taiga at Linnanmäki, Finlandnland

Thrill Ride of the Year

Thrill Ride of he Year

Intamin for Tigeren at Djurs Sommerland, Denmark Intamin for Tigeren at Djurs Sommerland, Denmark

Intamin sa s: “Even though we do win a number of awards a year, every award means a lot to us and makes us feel honoured. It confirms that what we are doing is appreciated by the industry, experts and those voting in our favour. “W

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“We are very fortunate and proud to have been awarded with these two awards. Both projects wereer very exciting, for both the park and Intamin. A very good example what can be achiieved when allll parties involved put their best effort into a project. “What do we think made these rides stand out to the judges? Taiga is certainly a very exciting and thrilling roller coaster. The ride dynamics seem like

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he composition of musical piece, eeping in mind, that the available space was very limited and Tigeren is a powerful and impressive Gyrro Swing and certainly the most spectacular of this class and size. “We have very little control when we attend networking events organised by others. We usually don’t know who will be there and when we do, we can’t be certain we’ll connect with the people who would be most useful for us to meet. The Park Worldor Excellence Awards were set in a very nice location an taand it was a great way to meet colleagues and customers from the same industry. It was certainly a very well organised networking event.”nt

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po erful and impressiv Gyro Swin and he mos spectacular of his class and size.

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