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“We are humbled and ecstatic to win this award, as tthere were many other excellent nominees within theth category. Of course, we work hard on our product tto improve the value we deliver for our custtomers, and this award shows our commitment to that and our Core Values. It’s also special to receive recognition from our peers and contemporaries within he attractions tic


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ecognition from our peer and contemporaries within the attractions ticketting space.

gaps in the technology available to any attraction that wants to sell tickets online through third party distributors.

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We enjoyed the Park World Excellence Awards and very much appreciated the networking opportunities.

Aw er muc appreciated he networking pportunities.

As a ticketting software company, it’s great to reconnect with other organisations who do what we do, but also to meet and shake hands with people working at some of the most successful and innovative attractions around the world, especially th

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orking at some of he mos successful and inno ativ attractions around he the many we are proud to call clients.

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Yes, we plan to take part in the awards and ceremony again next year. Our team at Gateway and our customers around the world workor incredibly hard alll year to make our Galaxyalaxy ticketing and admission control software best in breed. So, it’s always nice to have ways to recognise them in the industry.”

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Family Djurs Sommerland

Henrik B. Nielsen, managing director/

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“We are extremely happy, and very proud on behalf of all employees to have won the two Park Worldor Excellence ge

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Excellence Awards (the second being Tigeren, manufactured by Intamin for Djurs Sommerland). We were up against a strong field of other amusemen

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Family Park of the Year


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“Since 2008, we have invested more thanha 500 million DKK in new rides, better customer service and in general in constantly delivering the very best experiences to our guests. We are sure that this has made a difference. “Unfo tunatel

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“Unfortunately, we didn’t have the possibility to be present on the evening of the Awards. We surely hope that we can be there next year.”ar

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Andy Povey, managing director on taking part next year….


vey, managing director ear….

Access Control ProductProduct Gateway Ticketing Systems for Galaxy Connect

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