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Adrenaline lovers will find guaranteed emotion on the To er of Power, our impressive 28-meter slide that en s its jou nside a giant aquarium, or Singha, a wat hiigh-speed curves and 14 direction switches.itches. Set against a back rop of spectacularThai arc

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park like no other and from th moment you enter ou’l know this will be no ordinary day.

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Tropical scenes, natural gardens and an exquisite Eastern architectural design make this new tourist phenomenon a unique place in which all the fafamily has exclusive space fofor fufun As a n velty, three new attr ctionractions: Pattong Rapiids, with more than 235 meters journey fufulll of curves nd ju

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unique experience; and Bodhi Trail offfers children to take up a real adventure in the crowns of trees. Although it is specially designed ffor kids, adults can also take a shot at an authentic fun and remember good old times at that, too. All that

a chiildren’s area where p ents and children can l exper ence; an Bod enture in the cr

at highest quality. Rela ed or ext

All that, in a paradisiacal surrounding and services of the highest quality. Relaxed or extreme? It is your choice!

at, in a p

adisiacal surroun ng and services of th xtreme? It i

ou choice!

ea where parents and children can liive a Trail offeffers children to tak

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Set against a backdrop of spectacular Thai archiitecture, this is a park li e no other and frfr

tectu thi the moment you enter you’lll ey water roller coaster withl ater ro ler coaster with

or all tastes.Chill out to th max enjoying the white sand of Siam Beach or the exc usivity of th VIP cabanas, which will turn your stay into an unforgettable exper ence nteed emotion on theTower at ends its journey

Awards, Siam P ange fo

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PARK, chosen as theWater Park of theYear for the second year in a row in the 2019 Park Wor d Excellence Awards, Siam Park offfe offffers its visitors a comp ete entertainment range ffor all tastes. Chill out to the max enjoying the white sand of Siam Beach or the exclusivity of the VIP cabanas, ettable experienc e.

AM PARK chosen as the n a ro

in the 2019 P

ater Park of theYe o

ear fo or the Worlld Excellence ers its visitors a complete entertainment

Siam ParkPark The Bes Wa

Si est Wat r Pa of the YeaYear 2019

ater Par e r 201


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