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With thanks to our Judges

Ph Ta lor Phiill Taylor

Marek Pisarski, owner of PAIT ConsultingAIT Consulting andMarek Pisarski Imagineering This ea

Marek Pisarski, wner of PA and Marek Pisarski Imagineering This year I had the pleasur Pa Wo an

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I am exceedingly dellighted with the opportunity to participate in new edition of Park Worlld Excellence Awards.”

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Richard Pawlley, director of operations for riides and safety, VTP Global Holdings The goal of any judge is to look at the design of the attraction and ensure that the audience is drawn immediately into the story and that they get

ey, director of operations TP Global Holdings look at he desig th

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To my mind the event is very original and allows one to evaluate miscellaneous attractions in numerous categories congenerically. The initiative increases the possibility to accurately assess parksar as well as themed attractions. As the jury was makin oin s of vie

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needed initiati e. aluat

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Park World Excellence Awards directly ceremony and based on the emotional reactions of the participants both during the event and afterwards I can say with absolute conviction that this is a veryer much needed initiative. To

leasure to participate in the action

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to our udges

an inan instant sense of adventure. I also ensure there is iinnovation and that these new products can be adapadapted to our new marketts. I once read and alalways remember the words “the challenge has to be to make the ordinary into the exttraordiinary”! It ha It has been a privilege to be part of this year’s Pa WoPark World Excellence Awards. It’s a catalyst for bringing people together in our industry and I am honoured to have played a role.ole.

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François Mayné, Auteur/Rédacteur “Operators and suppliers have once ag in shown ttheir extraordinary ability of creating amazing experiences, rides and attractions during the past year, all over the EMEA region. So many great projects to review that it was quite a challenge to pipick the laureates for us judges! The buzz aroundound tthe Park World Excellence Awards is growing and we are looking forward of showing what's best in our industry in the years to come.”


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PhilPhil Tayllor, director, Team Leisure The industry we work in is amazing. Millions of visitors around the world visit parks and attractions every day. And every day millions of people are doing the very best they can to giive

r, eamLeisur

in is amazing. Millions orld visit par er

and An bes he ca

millions of v

he buz uteur/Rédacteur and supplier ha once again sho ur indus and am

Marcus Gaines es ablished supplier alongsid

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cr sss winne

celeb ating jo ou

recognition means to individuals. It's a honour to be on the judging panel and pllaying a part in awarding the industry that gives so much toto entertaining so many.

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udging panel an he in us

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and loser tmospher

Excellence Awar ma

winner Icon

Marcus Gaines

The Park World Excellence Awards have qu established themsellves as the premiere event to champion the hard work of attractions and suppliers acrosss the EMEA. The evening was aas fabulous occasion for all, with an entertaining host alongside a wonderfful dinner. The awards saw winners and losers cheering one another on, celebrating the triiumphs of the past year in a joyous atmosphere. The pride of winning an Excellence Award was seen across the faces of the many winners. Seeing the emotions of unexpecting winners, like Terry Monkton of Siimworx for hiis Industry Icon award, shows how much the

emse es as he premier MEA


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Marek Pisaisarki her

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opportunity co panie be on ex

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those visitors the very best experience they can. The Park Worlld Excellence Awards are an opportunity to recognise some of the people and companies in the industry who go above andan beyond the norm to innovate and deliver

th Th ar th

d Excellence cognis

he indus

excellence, to applaud their efforts and to inspire us all to sttrive for ever greater results.

he nor r

fo er eater esults. ards ar an ome of who go ab nno at nd deliv eople and


FrançoisMayné Sponsored by:

Emmanuel Mongon


Marcus Gaines


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