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Operator Aw Roland Mack

RolandMack has garnered respect for being a visionary entrepreneur and role model for society and has played a ke ov

key role in the development and

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ve expansion of his own park and the wider industry as a whole - taking up positions on a number of committees and associations including being a founding member of the German Association of Amusement Parks. oland embar ed on his incredible career af er xperience in his amily’

internships abroad. Af er completing additional training engineer,r he ook

er as he head of

Roland has received an array of accolades for his outstanding contributions, including honours for contributions to the German economy and has set standards in visionary, sustainable and modern management – and now, he is your Industry Icon.Icon.

founding Europa-Par whic openedits door on oland has eceived an ar for contributions

honour sus ainable and moder management Industr he German econom and has se and now, he is our Industr

wn manufacturing ompan and under aking numero become

specialis 75.

aduating as an engineer and aining ous


ding in he amil business,Mac Rides, befor July

of accolades for his outs anding contributions, including andards in visionary,

oundingmember of he German Association of Amusement ar s. Roland embarked on his incredible career after graduating as an engineer and gaining initial experience in his family’s own manufacturing company and undertaking numerrous internships abroad. After completing additional training to become a specialist welding engineer, he took over as the head of wellding in the family business, Mack Rides, before founding Europa-Park, which opened its doors on 12 July 1975.

Mchael Mac collecting he awar on behalf of his fa

ather, olandMac r,


Mici haelMack collecting the award on behalf of his father, Roland Mack fromfrom Pa WoPark World editor, Becci Knowles

Industry Icon Manufacturer/ Supplier Award Terry Monkton

Supplier Aw Te

Sim fo

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Icon – Manufacturer wa

Terry Monkton

Terry Monkton founded Simworx two decades ago with a primary focus on the supply of traditional capsule

tw decades primar

simulators and motion th

simulator andmotion theatres, but as media- based attractions

traditional capsule s,

strengthened their grip on the attractions

based attractions st

on he attractions ex

(L-R) sales director, Edward Pawley; Balppa chief executive Paul Kelly; managing drector Terry Monkton

al Ke y; or, r y; Te

boundaries and sear hes for inno ativ irml es ablishing Sim or as attractions industry.

pp ef

iindustry, the company vo ve

ts product ange. Te

Terry constantly pushes cons antl pushes ds

Terry has been the driving force steering Simworx towards the exporting market, resulting in incredible growth and hisis

ha been he drivin portin ma

Sponsored by:

pla er in shaping he media -based or

eering Si t, esulting in inc edible wt an

ndustry, he compan has evolved along with iits product range. er

boundaries and searches for innovative ways to combine media with attractions, firmly establishing Simworx as a key player in shaping the media -based attractions industr

combine media wit attractions,

Icon Te

ex hu

departments an bringing t ma ne


it ma es it er he ju


appointment as an Export Champion by the Department of International Trade, and now he can add Industry Icon to his portfolio of achievements. Speaking exclusively to Park World,or d, Terry said: “I am fortunate to lead an excellent and very talented team at SiSimworx and together we have made a huge amount of progress in recent years, expanding the company in all departments and developing and bringing o market some exceptional new products which have proved very successful for our global customer base. “I’m extremely proud to receive an award that is judged by industry pee s; it makes it very special and I thank both the judges and Park World for thishi recognition.”

appointment as an Expor he De ar me nd no

nt ade Speaking and amoun ars, ve he prog ess in ome hic

successful for ou ha

“I’m xt emel prou udged

specia pr made cen

xpanding he om an in al eloping and

ceptional ed

lobal cus omer base. eceiv an

indus nd

peers; hant Te

Datateam media director, aul Wo

publisher of ar Wo

Datateam media director, Paul Ryder. Datateam is the organiser of the Park Ex

Terry collecting the award from r

fr yder

Datateam is he or aniser of he ar World Excellence Awards and the publisher of Park World magazine.

orld magazine. he ca his po tfoli clusivel

hampio ti na

dd Indus hi


Industry Icon Operator Awardwa

Icon –







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