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Competition in the world of entertainment is fierce nowadays and there is lots of choice, online and offline, so we need to stay at the forefront of technology and lead the way in visitor-centric and immersive experiences.”

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Edward Pawley, Simworx The Park World Awards was a ffantastic evening not only from a guesguest’s perspective but also as a sponsor. We invited five cu

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evening, and they had a great time. Our logo was ffeatured across a range of media that surrounded the event, as well as brilliant social media coverage that we were able to use for our own promotion. We appreciated the opportunity to choose a charity to whowhom funds raised during the evening were donated. To cap things off, we were delighted that our CEO, Terry Monkton, was awarded an Industry Icon awardar givingiving us great publicity and something to shout about in response to our time at IAAPA Expo Paris.

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opportunity for us to network and get the HOLOGATE brand recognised by an even wider audience.

Dave Blank Hologat The Park World Excellence Awards was an excellent ni

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Lauren Wood-Weaver, Sally Dark Rides

Lauren ood- r

rroom, it’s a good event to attend! It’s also a great opportunity to see others’ work and give kudos to tthose projects that are outstanding. This year was special for Sally, with our Sesame Sttreet dark riide nominated in multiple categories. hav

nfluential people in ve

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special or Sal y, wi nominat honour

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honour to have your work recognised, but to take home an award means so much – to our team, our pa tners, and our suppliers. It was especially wonderful to get to spend extra time with our clients, and even better to celebrate a win with them!

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hem OCTOBER 20 OCTOBER 2019 do ree da de I It is allways an

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We had a great time at the Park World Excellence Awards! When there are so many talented, fun, and influential people in the

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shout about

ime at IAAPA Expo aris. Dave Blank, Hologate Aw ge

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he forefront of heir pr jects.

Benoit Cornet, Alter ace “A

World awards as it is important to support our industry, awards help motivate parks to excel and innovate with their projects. nter ainment is er oice, online an

ards hel we l look for an

sharing experiences is a good take home for us. Needless to say, the event was well coordinated and organised.”

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Josep Tarres, Digital Centre or

The Park World Excellence Awards was a perfect scenario to meet the most successful entrepreneurs inin the amusement park sector. The impressive attractions and award-winning shows were recognised in a relaxed and fun environment. The eception

Josep ar es, Digital Centr he

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The reception was a very enriching space where we able

ard-w-winning sh as

dif erent companies at the same time they enjoyed experiencing our ultraportable Mini Igo photo booth, wher in addition lar

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mee and talk to representatives from enjo ed

er enriching space wher epresentatives from

where in addition to a customised photo of the gala we built

built a large photo-mural hat formed he Awards logo. The dinner was exquisite, and the awards ceremony very enjjoyable and fun. It was a greatt evening full of good times and laughs that helped us relax from the intense IAAPA Show. at honor for DC

pho o-mural that formed the Awards logo. as en

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It was a great honor for DC to be present at ththe awards and to be an official sponsor of this special event.ent

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pressiv attraction ecognised in

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ook forward to at at this event every year. Also orkin


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Umesh Prabhu, Semnox Solutions


“We had a good time. Looking at the new introductions and innovations in the Park industry on a single platform is something is

Semno Solutions ad

at nn on io

ntroduction he ar

ood time. Looking nd

nd ious Park industry veterans and

is some ing ar Also an


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