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Seasonal Event of the Ye

Seasonal Event of the Year

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Park World speaks to general manager, Bianca Sammut What did it mean to you to win this award?ard? es ar


Being recognised by the Park World Excellence Awards for Winterfest as the Seasonal Event of the Year is an honour and we are alll very proud to have been part of this achievement. This award is a testament of the calibre of the event and great recognition for our commitment to playing a vital role in defining excelllence across the industry.

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holiday season. It’s no surprise that over the last decade, Winterfest has become a fan-favourite seasonal event, as everything from concept to execution has been borne from our dedication to providing a truly outstanding guest experience.

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vents are always a great opportunitty to network and stay up to date with the industry, so yes, being able to meet with likeminded individuals in a place where we all work towards one goal- defining excellence for our industry- is incredible.

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Will you be taking part again next year? Absolutely! We look forward to another successful year.

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What do you think made you stand out to the judges? ar Wo

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the worlld’s fiirst Ferrari-inspired themeheme park with 37 thrilling, record--breaking rides and fun-filled attractions that appeal to guests of alll ages. In addition to our signature adrenaline-pumping experiences, we have curated and an exhilaratting calendar of seasonal events which celebrate the diversity of our guests who come from far and wide to experience our one-of-a-kind theme Wo

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