regulatory bodies or a client on the operator side. But our prime aim is always to fulfil the needs of our clients. We do want to make sure we give a great experience to our clients and that they keep coming back, and they recognise GLI’s quality while we offer a service that is competitive. We want to provide something to the client that makes a difference.

CI: Integrity is everything for GLI, surely? MB: Maybe sometimes this is forgotten but the last thing you want is a certification report to be rejected or to have problems in the field because that just costs time and money – which we are very conscious of when it comes to our clients since time is vital. It could have a disastrous effect for the client but also for GLI because of brand image, perception is key. We are driven by providing great service to our clients. Therefore, quality testing and certification are paramount. GLI prides itself in testing to higher standards than other labs in the certification space, giving assurance to clients that products verified by GLI leave nothing to chance.

GLI Spain interior

find that there’s a lot of commonality with other jurisdictions globally. Our aim is to standardise and not to reinvent the wheel. That just causes challenges to enter a market and causes challenges with development and that’s not our aim; we want to standardise so we can make life simpler for everyone. GLI 33 will incorporate some of the requirements you’ll see either locally or globally, then we build on that to make it a more robust standard that will stand the test of time. We do review our standards periodically, and the amendments that we make are usually very small because we try to get it as accurate as possible or as user fit-for-purpose from the outset. We also involve the industry for feedback with any updates planned, as this is key to ensuring everyone knows what’s coming along. You do get these surprises now and again, but I think

generally we’ve got internal expertise that understands the market, understands the product and understands what is needed when it comes to technical regulation.

CI: How does the company move forward and grow, when growth is probably quite limited in terms of countries legalising gambling? MB: I don’t think we are at the end of the road in terms of gaming growth because there are markets still emerging; you’ve got Sweden opening, Switzerland, and maybe the Netherlands. Germany is still off the table but it’s a big market. There are still markets available, ready for growth. Certainly, in iGaming regulation, or sportsbooks, there is always a lot going on. Is it stopping? I don’t think it is right now. We are conscious

of GLI’s position in terms of gaming. We’ve got interests outside of gaming, but we still see gaming as the foremost part of our business and we aim to continue to serve our clients as best as possible for the foreseeable future.

Opposite: GLI Spain exterior

42 JANUARY 2019

CI: Has broadband and mobile internet made life much easier for you and your customers, for things like Point. Click.Transfer., for example? MB: GLI Access® is another mechanism that allows our clients to look at their certification reports through a portal. Tools like that have become very helpful for us and our customers. We develop tools that help the industry, whether it is

CI: Tell me about South Africa; there is so much mobile gaming on the continent, so that’s surely a completely different field – has that given you tools to take into the rest of the world? MB: South Africa is a very regulated market both in casino low pay-out machines and sports betting. If you look around Africa, PCs are not the biggest thing but pretty much everyone has a mobile phone. So that gives an opportunity for sports betting companies to operate in Africa in a larger way. The thing we are trying to help within Africa is regulation because, yes, some jurisdictions are not regulated or have limited regulation. What we’re trying to do is help them craft technical regulations that make sense for their market and that way they can regulate to protect the young and vulnerable, collect taxes and operate in a controlled way. We feel we’ve got a big part to play in that and we’re trying to help as much as possible. We’ve been attending conferences and doing sessions and workshops with regulatory bodies across Africa. We’ve tripled the size of our operations in South Africa because we feel there is a need that we can provide for within the African market. It is a very young market in many ways in terms of gaming in certain locations; we’re trying to help them through this process of developing technical regulation that fits with their marketplace and allows them to operate in a way that makes sense.

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