Confi rmed speakers at Audio Collaborative 2019

Futuresource Consulting announced more industry experts that will join the Audio Collaborative conference on 7 November at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Andreas Ehret, Director

of 8

Technology Marketing at Dolby, will be joining the ‘3D, Binaural & Surround Sound’ panel alongside Guillaume LeNost from L-Acoustics and Mirek Stiles from Abbey Road Studio. The panel will discuss the changing listening dynamics in both consumer and professional applications – what technologies/ experiences are on the horizon and what does it mean for content creators and listeners alike. Peter Belimpasakis, Director of Category Management at Bang & Olufsen, will be sitting on the ‘Audio Tech Consumer Lifestyle’ panel alongside Urbanista’s CEO, Anders Andreen. The panel will look at the changing wants and needs of consumers and the new design and technology features that will continue to enhance and satisfy the user listening experience. Laurence Hobden, Research & Applied Technologies Team Leader at Meridian Audio, will be joining ‘The Future Role of Audio in Automotive’ panel alongside Bill Wyman at HARMAN and Laurence Harrison at Radioplayer. This panel will be discussing the role of

audio in automotive in the era of the connected car – from in cabin listening experiences to streaming content services to the car. Danny Aronson, who was a partner in Israel’s largest post- production sound studio, specializing in sound design for TV and radio, in addition to documentaries, dramas and feature fi lms, will be joining the ‘Hearables & Disruptive Technologies Redefi nes the Premium Headphones & Hearing Health Market’ panel. He will be sitting alongside

Tim Johnston from Bowers & Wilkins, Gerard Loosschilder from WS Audiology, Chris Havell from Qualcomm and Mike Dias from IEMITO, discussing predictions and key applications in this market. Paul Gillies, who founded Silent Disco King in 2009, whilst working as a breakfast presenter on Capital FM, and set off on a mission to bring Silent Disco to the masses, will be sitting alongside Guillaume Le Nost from L-Acoustics,

Andreas Ehret

from Dolby, Mirek Stiles from Abbey Road Studios and Richard Lindsay- Davies from DTG on the ‘3D, Binaural & Surround Sound’ panel.

They will be discussing the changing listening dynamics in both consumer and professional applications – what technologies/ experiences are on the horizon and what does it mean for content creators and listeners alike.

October 2019

Futuresource Consulting’s Audio Collaborative 2019

In other news...

Futuresource Consulting has also announced that Tim Johnston, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Headphones Uni t at Bowers & Wilkins, will be joining the ‘Hearables & Disruptive Technologies – Redefi ning the Premium Headphones & Hearing Health Market’ panel at the Audio Collaborative conference. Through advanced sound and conversation enhancement features, hearables threaten to take over the sound amplifi cation market, as well as bringing sound amplifi cation

functionalities to currently non-served consumers with mild hearing loss. The medical hearing aid market is predicted to remain largely intact since the population with medium and severe hearing loss will still require a medical device to correct their impairment. However, the interchange of features and knowledge between the personal audio and hearing

aid spheres is

creating a dynamic and exciting market opportunity. On the panel, Tim will be discussing predictions and key applications in this market.

Qualcomm sponsors Audio Collaborative event

Global semiconductor giant, Qualcomm Technologies International, has been announced as platinum sponsor of this year’s Audio Collaborative conference. “It’s a perfect fi t,” said Sarah Carroll, Co-Founder

and Director of Futuresource Consulting. “Qualcomm Technologies International is transforming how the world connects, computes and communicates, with audio playing an ever-growing role in the process. At this, our sixth Audio Collaborative event, we’ll

be exploring the increasing signifi cance of audio in the lives of consumers and pro users alike. With an upsurge of innovation and new market opportunities, this conference brings together senior executives from across the industry to discuss industry trends and ways in which to Collaborate to drive the business forward.” As the world of audio technology continues to pervade all aspects of society, the Futuresource Audio Collaborative conference has expanded accordingly.

Topics for discussion this year include: Home audio and headphones trends, smart audio, multiroom and product convergence data and insights; The evolution of smart home technology from command and control to AI and truly ambient experiences; Hearables and disruptive technologies that are redefi ning the premium headphones and hearing health market; Pro loudspeakers and the key verticals driving growth, plus many other topics.

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