BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Shopfloor

approach provides a business with valuable content to share during key selling periods too!

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If you love it, don’t leave it! Flash sales are a great way to keep customers coming back to check your website at specific times of the day.

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Paid campaigns: To achieve higher visibility online and increase ROI, start running paid ads with Google and Facebook that make shopping easier for your customers. Think, ‘The Best Black Friday Electrical Deals’,

or, ‘Make Christmas Dinner Clean Up Operations A Breeze With This Product!’ Ensure campaign specific landing pages are set up to drive ad traffic to, and the content is 100 per cent relevant to the advert they’ve just clicked on!

Email marketing: Not just for Black Friday and Christmas, it’s a valuable tool throughout any sales period. Both for launching, and announcing the end date, and using scarcity tactics like, ‘Order before 2pm for FREE overnight shipping’ – a great way to boost last minute sales!

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In-store events: We all missed out last year! Think about what events you could hold in-store over the sales periods to reward your customers; cooking events, product demos, or something for the local

community around Christmas.

Customers aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life Keep your customers in a CRM/automated email marketing funnel once they’ve made a purchase to ensure they don’t slip through the net. Did they purchase a warranty? How old is their fridge – perhaps they will need a more energy efficient model? Tips on how to maintain their appliance. These are just a few examples, but the list of possible touch points is endless, providing you with relevant reasons to stay in their consciousness throughout the year, and hopefully as their first choice retailer going into 2022!

Bespoke Black Friday bargains By Paul Laville, Managing Director, T21 Group

With issues affecting the supply chain of electrical goods and demand in many product categories outstripping the ability to supply them quickly, I think it’s doubtful we’ll see anything like the scenes of chaos that were splashed across the media when Black Friday first kicked off in the UK..

Or maybe we will. Maybe the first supermarket to drop their prices on

limited goods will see a frenzy of ridiculous proportions and have empty shelves for the rest of the weekend. Who knows anything for sure these days? We live in uncertain times and that makes even the short-term future

very difficult to predict. Given the current disruptions, you’d be forgiven for thinking about sitting this one out. The problem is, where would that leave your customers on Black Friday?

Aren’t they expecting at least some kind of deal on the day? If you’re not taking part, there’s a risk they’ll go elsewhere and you might lose their business. In my opinion, the key to making a success of this year’s Black Friday is

to tailor your core promotions to create a narrower range of deals specifically designed not only to your customers’ needs and wants but which also showcase the value that your unique services can bring.

Independent retailers can score highly here because many have a closer

relationship to their customers and therefore understand them on a more personal level than a trend line on a chart.

In for the (long-term) win Knowing your customers well allows you to create the ‘perfect deal’, increasing your chances of attracting people and actually selling through the promotion. There’s no need to discount too heavily – just enough to make it worthwhile. And if you really can supply those goods alongside a service that adds a huge perceived value, but which doesn’t adversely affect your bottom line if you discount it, then you’ll increase the attraction while at the same time proving that buying from a local business offers a better, more personalised range of services. Which means there’s a longer- term win to be gained. Approaching Black Friday in this ‘bespoke’ way means you don’t

have to rely on shifting huge volumes to make it work for you. It means you don’t have to cut your margin too tightly on products that have already seen big price increases and which you’ve been fighting to get hold of for months; it also means that you can show your customers exactly why buying from you is better for them compared to shopping elsewhere. It also goes some way to putting you in control of your Black Friday activities, which may feel like a luxury given the way things have been lately!

User-generated: Creating content around your products and services, your loyal customers will want to share their positive experiences and it’s a great social media strategy that turns buyers into customers. This

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