October 2021

Together again! A

s you may hopefully already be aware, the ERT Turning Point Live! Conference and ERT Awards will be returning in December! And I cannot wait! It’s been such a long time

since we were last able to gather in a room for the Conference and Awards… 2019 seems like a very distant memory, simply because so much has happened since then! Of course, we did host both events virtually in that time – the Awards in December last year and the week of Turning Point webinars back in February this year. But the combined event that you’re all familiar with will be back

on Monday 6 December this year at The Grand Connaught Rooms in London, celebrating the dedication and hard work of everyone in this fantastic industry! It will be the perfect opportunity to gather with colleagues and

friends and bring along your teams or your clients for a bit of pre- Christmas fun and festivity, as well as networking, ideas sharing, drinks and lunch, plus the chance to see who will walk away with one of the famous ERT Awards trophies!

Turn, turn, turn! ERT has always been the leading publication in the industry and the Turning Point campaign reinforces our role as the voice of electrical retailing. The Turning Point campaign highlights the difficulties retailers face when it comes to surviving and staying one step ahead in this tough and competitive market. It is aimed at those determined to buck the trend and try something new in order to thrive. The Turning Point Live! Conference is, as the name suggests, a

live stage version of what you read in this magazine. Industry experts will share their advice on the future of retail and new business initiatives to help retailers bounce back from recent

turbulent times. In addition, some of your retail peers will talk about how they have adapted to changing market conditions, offering tips on new things for others to try to achieve future success.

And the award goes to… After the Conference we’ll have a networking drinks reception and lunch, followed by the prestigious ERT Awards ceremony in the afternoon. In this highly competitive arena, winning one of these trophies is a real chance to separate your company from your competitors and shout about everything you do in order to attract new business opportunities. For retailers, customers see this as a huge endorsement that they are shopping with a modern, well-respected, reliable company. There are a range of categories for both retailers and manufacturers/suppliers that recognise

different aspects of your businesses, such as your website, your sales team, your products or your customer service. This will be the fourteenth year of the ERT Awards, but after everything we’ve all been through, I

feel that this year’s event is more important than ever to reconnect, regroup and catch up all in one place again. And I really hope to see you all there on the day; you can book tickets now, just go to: Your all-day ticket gives you access to both the Conference and the Awards, so there’s plenty to

enjoy! With a bit of a Christmas theme on the day, you’ll have the chance to pull a cracker, pop on a paper hat and have baubles of fun to kick-start the festive party season!! For more information and to secure your place at this unmissable event:

Email the editor at What do you think ? 15

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