RS70 multi-surface cleaner New Z1-Air

and it is by far the best way of selling customers up to premium models. More power, quieter running, handy features and a selection of tools make a lot more sense when shown in use, doubly so if customers will also be wowed by how quiet some ROIDMI models can be even on full power. While floorcare might not be on everyone’s

wish list, portable handheld cleaners like the diminutive ROIDMI Nano P1 Pro are a neat gift idea! Portable, rechargeable and about the size of a sports water bottle, these compact cleaners have been selling well for small tasks such as vacuuming out your keyboard, dusting shelves or giving your car seats a bit of a spruce up. For the man or woman who has everything, it could be the real wow-factor gift customers are looking for!


ROIDMI models have consistently been rated on par or better than the similarly priced competition

Stepping up to the award-winning design of the

S, R and RS models, with their sleek looks and convenient 270-degree handle, the S1E has been a mainstay of the UK range since launch. Boasting a 40 minute run time on low power and over 90AW of suction power on high, this simple-to- use, quiet and exceptionally lightweight cleaner comes with ROIDMI’s anti-tangle floor brush to ensure pet and other hairs end up in the bin, not wrapped around the roller. Both models will be available through CIH

agency stock this month, and members can purchase any other ROIDMI model directly through Witt UK and Ireland.

Q: What’s new for the season ahead? GJ: We have just launched the RS70 in the UK – a flagship model that combines all the top tech and performance of the RS60, with the addition of a powered hard-floor wet mopping accessory. With two counter-rotating floor-pads spinning at over 200rpm and drip-fed clean water, this floorhead can be used on its own or combined with the vacuum to suck up loose dirt and wet-wipe hard floors in a single pass. The low volume water feed makes it safe to use on all floor surfaces, and the

package comes with a dedicated cleaning station dock that self-cleans the floor pads. We are really excited about the launch of the

RS70 as it brings together a host of features unique to ROIDMI, including the proven silver ion anti- viral and anti-bacterial technology. Whether you are dusting the sofa, vacuuming and mopping the kitchen or doing a deep clean of the bedroom carpets, the RS70’s exhaust air will be significantly cleaner and contain substantially fewer pathogens than the air sucked in. For customers prepared to spend on the home and on the health of their family, this is a powerful reason to invest in such a premium multi-surface floorcare appliance. The RS70 has already been ranged by Harrods

and Selfridges, and we are committed to significant consumer promotion in the run-up to Christmas, driving sales through the festive season and into the new year.

Q: What are your top tips for Christmas floorcare sales? GJ: Mince pies and demonstration! Nothing makes a mess on the shop floor like a hastily-consumed mince pie, and nothing cleans up afterwards like a ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaner! Both product demonstration and low-cost

festive freebies are always a winning combination in the Christmas season. Consumers are in the mindset to spend, on others and quite often themselves, and after the last two years that drive could be stronger than ever this year. In-store demonstration on vacuum cleaners

does require a bit of space and effort. Yet most brands will offer you a free unit for demonstration,

Nano P1 Pro

Q: What does the future hold for ROIDMI in the UK? GJ: The 2022 roadmap is already looking busy for ROIDMI with more channel-specific models for independents and buying groups, as well as Amazon and Ideal World TV shopping, where ROIDMI has already been very successful. New models at either end of the range will be unveiled in 2022, with a special launch in Q2 next year. While I cannot say too much about this new model, I can promise mains-like cleaning power, intelligent auto-suction and the longest run time of any cleaner on the market to date! We will also be focusing on channel support in

2022, as our premium products need the sales and demonstration skills of high street retailers. We are offering retailers willing to get behind the brand free bespoke ROIDMI display stands and POS materials, as well as a broad range of ROIDMI dedicated accessories and consumables. We believe the brand offers exceptional

performance and value in the premium floorcare market, with plenty of scope for add-on and incremental sales into the future. Isn’t that the very definition of a perfect retail product?

October 2021

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