A look back… IFA BERLIN

A timeline of IFA

The grand IFA showcase has been taking place annually since 2006 (after it all began in 1924); the development of the CE market encouraged the

organisers to expand the exhibition. And here is a snapshot of just some of the advancements in technology over the last 20-odd years…

2006 28

HDTV was one of the main topics this year, being presented as a ready-to- market media service with a rapidly-expanding range of programmes, not to mention Blu-ray and HD DVD bringing HD quality into consumers’ homes.Samsung showcased its ‘Bordeaux’ LCD TVs – with a unique feature at the bottom of the TV that made it look like red wine in a glass! MP3 players were all the rage as well. The Korean giant announced

the YP-K5, the first MP3 player with a music sharing concept; it generated a lot of buzz, partly for its built-in speaker. People also loved the Bluetooth YP-T9 MP3 player.


This was the 50th edition of IFA and this year’s show saw more attendees than ever before. Miele was one of the only

manufacturers to offer a fully automatic dispensing system on washing machines (pictured) for both liquid and powder

products, taking LiquidWash onto the next level. It was available from then under the AutoDos label. We also had a first look at LG’s 31-inch OLED TV – before this, the largest available at the time was just 15 inches.


The new W1 washing machine and T1 tumble dryer was launched by Miele, the latter with the brand’s tried-and-tested PerfectDry system. In addition, the German

manufacturer introduced TwinDos, the integrated automatic dispensing of liquid detergent, as well as CapDosing for special detergents, additives or fabric conditioner.


Never before in the 90-year history of IFA were so many products on display! Global trends such as networking, wearables and further improvements in the images and sound produced by digital TV and hi-fi systems were reaching new heights. New 65 and 75-inch curved 4K OLED TVs were introduced by LG at IFA,

combining 4K and the company’s proprietary WRGB OLED screen technologies. Elsewhere, people were also raving about Samsung’s Premium Lounge in

its Digital Appliance Zone – a dedicated booth for the brand’s premium kitchen appliances, the Chef Collection. Products on show included its Bottom Mounted Freezer, ovens with high-pressure steam, induction that utilises Virtual Flame for safety and usability, and the WaterWall dishwasher. Once again Samsung showcased a wide range of advanced TVs this year,

going big on curved products with the 105-inch Bendable UHD TV and Curved UHD TV, plus the Curved Soundbar.


For the first time, CE tech was combined with home appliances – widening the show (taking over more Halls at Messe Berlin) yet bringing the industry closer together.


LG launched its SP820 – Smart TV Upgrader that turns any ordinary TV into a Smart TV. Plus we saw the world’s first 84-inch UD 3D TV, which offered eight million pixels per frame, and its 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution was four times the resolution of full HD TVs at the time.

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