October 2021

“In today’s eco-conscious world, more of us are

trying to lower food wastage,” comments Smeg UK’s Head of Marketing, John Davies, “so investing in a reliable, high quality refrigerator to optimise freshness and reduce spoilage is important. “Also, the zero degrees drawer in the FAB38

Hitachi four-door

means that the dry cold air is kept in the freezer and the moist chilled air in the fridge to ensure fruit and vegetables don’t dry out. Ian Hardcastle, who is Head of Product Line

Taste at Electrolux UK and Ireland, says the company believes that keeping ingredients as fresh as possible is the beginning of creating great tasting food! “We are constantly striving to improve our food

preservation technology and meet changing consumer demands, addressing pain-points with solutions that either make a consumer’s life easier or allow them to get more out of their appliance.” And on that note, the new freestanding CAFF42

fridge-freezer from Caple embraces energy-saving features, as Product Manager, Luke Shipways, explains: “One of this model’s highlights is a special compartment mode, which you can operate to switch off an entire section of the refrigerator you may not be using. It’s also been designed with an economy mode to provide the cooler compartment with an optimum temperature while saving power.” Users can also operate a holiday function and

there’s a handy screensaver function, which switches off the smart LED touch-control display panel lights. The intelligent night sensor is another clever function where the interior light is turned off if there’s sufficient illumination in the room. Similarly, as well as saving energy, the Indesit

motto is to also save time and support busy families in modern day life. For example, when consumers are loading in groceries after going to the supermarket they can simply press the Push&Go button to activate extra cooling power in their fridge to restore the temperature up to 40 per cent faster. The Indesit built-in Push&Go fridge freezer

(INC18 T311 UK) benefits from a combined capacity of 250 litres, which is a notable 14 bags of shopping, plus a customisable interior. There’s also the addition of the latest inverter compressor, which helps reduce freezer burn and moisture loss from frozen food while minimising energy consumption.

The race for space! When it comes to storage space, Smeg’s new FAB38 (at 70cm wide) sits nicely between the biggest FAB in the range, FAB50 (80cm), and the traditional 60cm FAB32. With a generous overall net capacity of 461 litres, that’s the equivalent of 25 shopping bags!

Top: Miele KFN7795D Fridge-Freezer; Liebherr’s OpenStage drawers. Bottom: Hisense PureFlat interior; Bertazzoni Cooling Columns

preserves any perishable foods, such as meat and fish,” Mr Davies continues, “and the vegetable drawer with its own humidity controller is also included. And at the top of the freezer compartment, there’s a manual ice maker!” From one retro fridge range to another, Hisense

will be launching a new collection of retro refrigerators and under-counters in vibrant colours. No landing date given yet, but Nick Fletcher, Marketing Manager at Hisense UK, says they are coming… “After so many people spent money on their

homes during the pandemic, and with the increase in open plan living, there is the added requirement for appliances to complement other furnishings and accessories,” he said. “These new fridges really hit on this trend and will complement many different styles and colour schemes.” Also, and definitely not the only brand offering

various temperature-controlled compartments (as we’ve heard from others so far), flexible cooling zones like My Fresh Choice from Hisense features

on various models in its PureFlat series. It allows users to change the temperature in a dedicated compartment of the fridge-freezer between five and 20 degrees. Not mentioned so far in this round-up, but Mr

Fletcher also speaks about the popularity of water dispensers in recent years. Both non-plumbed and plumbed-in, “both styles are a huge trend with consumers and make an appliance feel more premium”, he says. Also this year came the new Hoover H-FRIDGE

700 MAXI (HSF818FXWDK), which features French opening doors on the top and freezer draws on the bottom. Visibility and overall space management has been carefully considered with this model. However, Hoover also offers a side-by-side

model, the new H-FRIDGE 500 MAXI (HHSWD918F1XK), with 90-degree easy stop hinges in the doors, which stop and hold the doors at 90 degrees when opening, unless you push them further. Perfect for one-handed opening! Haier’s Mr Cheney confirms to ERT that a wide

range of new cooling models will be unveiled end of this year and early next year. “We are focused on providing connected products

– in a wide range of colours and finishes – which make our customers’ lives easier,” he explains.


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