October 2021


feedback of each oven. What’s more, both ovens benefit from the brand’s


Q: So how did this double oven cooker come about? Diana Nappo: We understand the frustration surrounding one oven often not being large enough for ever-changing household needs, and dishes that aren’t always cooked evenly throughout depending on where they’re placed. Our new freestanding double oven cooker (HDM67V8D2CX/UK) benefits

from two full-fan ovens, enabling cooking on six shelves simultaneously, which is unique to the market. The cooker is designed to support the user in constantly achieving results to their highest satisfaction.

Q: What are the benefits to today’s consumer? DN: Having two fan ovens creates versatile cooking solutions to help consumers achieve consistently delicious results, whatever the occasion may be. When time is of the essence, the new Hotpoint cooker’s top oven delivers greater speed and efficiency – ideal for quick, everyday meals. Using this top fan oven can deliver up to 15 per cent time and energy savings.

powerful Multiflow technology that evenly circulates heat, ensuring uniform cooking results on all shelf levels. There’s also the Steam function for the most nutritious cooking results.

To learn more about Hotpoint’s latest appliance and what makes this one

so special, ERT caught up with Diana Nappo, Cooking Category Marketing Manager at Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited (parent company of Hotpoint). Ms Nappo says that despite the growth in built-in cooking appliances over

the past few years, the demand for freestanding cookers is still apparent and the new range of Hotpoint freestanding cookers was inspired by the changing composition of households and the demand for greater versatility in appliances. She tells ERT: “Our consumers see cooking as a way to care for their family

and friends and we wanted to launch a range of cookers that serve as a trusted partner in the kitchen, supporting them in creating delicious dishes!”


ast month, Hotpoint introduced a brand new freestanding double oven cooker – which benefits from two fan ovens and is the only freestanding cooker to boast a double display for direct control and

When more space is needed for a family dinner, combine the top and

bottom oven and cook multiple dishes at the same time, ideal for large meals like a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

Q: What other technology features are there? DN: So as well as this, there’s the double display, so even when cooking multiple dishes at once the intuitive interface makes it simple to set the oven timers to ensure that everything is ready at the same time. This is particularly handy for cooking multi-course meals! Consumers can also spend more time cooking and less time cleaning

thanks to the ovens’ catalytic liners. These are special panels that catch fat spits and grease, removing them naturally during the cooking process. Additionally, the four zone electric, ceramic hob – finished in stylish black

glass – benefits from a double ring zone, which is designed to accommodate different sized pots and pans to increase flexibility.

Q: How do you see the cooking category developing in the coming years? DN: Consumers have been more appreciative of their homes compared to before the pandemic, with home-cooked meals giving consumers the ‘feeling of home’. A previous study by Hotpoint, following the first UK lockdown, showed that over a third of Brits said they rediscovered their love of cooking during the pandemic, and 90 per cent said they intended to continue their new ways. Appliances play an important role in supporting consumers and their love

of home cooking. Going forward, people are likely to seek products that make cooking from scratch and eating at home easier and more enjoyable. With this, we expect to see a continued growth in intuitive user interfaces to make appliances even more accessible. In addition, healthy eating is always a big trend and manufacturers are

subsequently developing appliances with technology to aid a healthier lifestyle. We therefore expect to see steam cooking options included in most modern cooking appliances due to the health benefits that it provides. We also expect induction hobs to continue to grow in popularity. Our

new range of freestanding cookers includes a model that boasts an induction hob (HDM67I9H2CB/U), giving those who do not have built-in appliances in their kitchen the chance to benefit from the latest cooking technology. This enables consumers to combine two cooking zones to cook with large pots and pans, which is perfect for rectangular grills or oval- shaped fish kettles.

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