October 2021


Q: How has ROIDMI fared through the pandemic? Geoff Johnson: Distributor Witt saw the rising opportunity for additional sales as we went into lockdown mark one. Unlike many brands, we did not take our foot off of the marketing gas. We continued with widespread initiatives, reviews, PR, social media outreach and a big influencer campaign. All of these paid off in terms of increased sales and brand awareness in the broader market. As the UK public stayed at home, spending on

home care became a top priority, and the floorcare market undoubtedly benefitted. Initially, sales dipped as our network of high street retailers remained closed. That changed as they enhanced their online presence, adopted innovative retail models such as click and collect and, in some cases, even offered live demonstrations over FaceTime or Zoom. . Once retail doors were open, the upward

market trend continued. If you are going to spend time living, working and enjoying most of your leisure activities at home, that home will need a lot of cleaning!

Q: What does ROIDMI offer for retailers? GJ: We have positioned ROIDMI as the alternative brand to the accepted big players. The core series of ROIDMI cordless vacuums look very different to the average stick vac – and how many of those other brands can boast six international design awards for the aesthetics of the cleaner alone? When cordless vacuums are regularly being docked and charged in a kitchen or hallway, as

opposed to being shoved away in a cupboard, looks do matter – and we are one of the first brands to recognise and act on that. Thankfully, great design doesn’t mean

compromising on performance, as proven by the number of glowing independent magazine and newspaper reviews we have across the current range. Suction power, floorhead design and run- times are right up there or better than the leading brands and, in the case of our flagship models, ROIDMI cleaners are considerably quieter too – making for easy comparison in store. With a range of tools, we offer a wealth of

features to sell on. The white or silver colours, Scandinavian-inspired design and simple trigger- free operation have a wide-ranging appeal to typical ABC1 homeowners, anti-bacterial tech ticks all the boxes for young families, and models with gadgets such as the OLED display and app monitoring offer something for the tech-loving customer too. In developing our channel strategy, we wanted

to establish products for CIH member retailers through agency. We spoke at great length to Witt in Denmark and the ROIDMI development team to create two products that will sell exclusively through Euronics retailers in the UK: the new entry- level Z1-Air and the existing S1E cordless cleaners. Our tight distribution of ROIDMI in the UK with

exclusive models for different channels, free POS and display stands, great margins and enviable warranty back-up means there are a lot of benefits in selling ROIDMI over the same old price-slashed vacuum brands as everyone else.

Q: What are the best-selling ROIDMI products? GJ: Our best-sellers are at the lower end of the range;

Nothing makes a mess on the shop floor like a hastily- consumed mince pie, and nothing cleans up afterwards like a ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaner!

like BMW selling far more 3-Series models than M5s or I8s, our entry-level models do the volume numbers for the majority of our retail partners. The Z1-Air is our lowest priced cordless stick

vacuum cleaner to date, yet sacrifices little in terms of cleaning performance thanks to its 100,000rpm digital motor, BMS battery technology delivering up to 60 minutes run-time and powerful 10- cyclone dust separator with washable dual-layer dust filter. On full power mode, it still runs for around 10 minutes – plenty of time to deep clean the carpets in at least one large room. The Z1-Air’s pistol-grip design has a proper

on/off switch, meaning no need to keep the trigger pressed down while cleaning. In a ROIDMI-sponsored consumer survey, over 91 per cent of respondents preferred trigger-free vacuum cleaners; findings also revealed consumers who suffer from health issues, such as arthritis, were most likely to experience discomfort when using a vac with a hold-down trigger. That gives the Z1- Air, and all ROIDMI vacuums for that matter, a significant benefit here.



S1E magnetic wall-mounted charging

The RS70

The S1E

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