B&Q launches new ‘Build a Life’ brand campaign

B&Q has launched a thought- provoking new brand campaign, rooted in the sentiment that ‘You don’t buy a life. You build one.’ The campaign celebrates the belief that anyone can change their home to make life better. ‘Build a Life’ represents a new

direction for B&Q and is the first in a series of campaigns, created by Uncommon Creative Studio, to drive emotional connection with the brand, reinstating its meaningful

place in the UK

market. B&Q believes that anyone can

improve their home to make life better. Our homes are where life


establishes four new Responsible Business priorities

Kingfisher plc has launched its four new Responsible Business priorities.

Following the

announcement of Kingfisher’s new group strategy in June – Powered by Kingfisher – the new Responsible Business plan

happens – a place we grow-up, learn, and live our lives. Home has never been so important and a recent survey by B&Q found that lockdown has changed British attitudes towards our homes for good, with 57 per cent agreeing our homes are more significant in improving our lives than ever.

This new campaign highlights that there’s so much more to everyday

DIY. The strategic

thinking from Uncommon, appointed by the brand last year, celebrates life in the home and the power of home improvement to change lives. Originally inspired by the amazing things people

do to improve their homes to make their life better – something made even more significant by lockdown – the campaign taps into the fundamental truths about our homes and reflects the role B&Q has played in transforming the UK’s homes for the past 50 years.

Brand new spray range comes to Dulux Decorator Centre

B&Q’s new campaign and brand purpose has been creatively brought to life by Uncommon through a 60 minute film capturing real life moments, using real people’s archive footage, to represent a genuine portrait of British homes and how they have been improved across the years.

of work. Two decorators were given the same project to paint two floors of a 530m² squared building but one was given a roller and the other a spray machine. While decorator A, armed with a roller, took 24 hours to complete the project, decorator B took just five hours and 20 minutes to spray the entire area involved. Switching to spray not only time

reduces the it takes to refocuses Kingfisher’s

efforts on the four priority areas where it believes it can use its experience, scale and influence to achieve the most positive impact. These are: • Becoming a more inclusive company; • Becoming ‘forest positive’ and helping to tackle climate change; • Helping to make greener, healthier homes affordable; and • Fighting to fix bad housing. Thierry Garnier, chief executive

officer at Kingfisher, said: “While the

current pandemic has

presented an unprecedented challenge, it is just one of many serious issues facing our society. As a large retailer with nearly 80,000 colleagues, we are working to become a more inclusive business. As a home improvement business, we know that too many families across Europe are living in homes that are unfit – too small, too dark, too cold and too damp – issues that Covid has made even worse. At the same time, climate change and biodiversity loss remain urgent, global threats. “There are ways that

Kingfisher can help bring about change, and we have set up four priorities of actions to do that. “Seeing the commitment our colleagues have already shown to making a positive difference is humbling to witness, and a privilege to be a part of.

complete a project, but it also leaves much less mess - allowing a decorator to move on to the next project even more quickly. With

this Decorator in mind, Centre is

Dulux now

Dulux Decorator Centre has introduced

a brand new

range of spray products that promise to cut down labour costs helping decorators work up to five times faster than traditional methods. Introducing the latest spray

equipment from trusted brands such as Graco, Tritech and Q-Tech, which are designed to be simple, cover areas faster and distribute paint for an even finish. Dulux Decorator Centre put

spray to the test and proved it can save more than 18 hours

HMG launches Colour Box for distributors and customers

Colour choice has never

been easier for HMG Paints’ distributors and customers thanks to the launch of the new ColourBase Colour Box. The new paint colour identification tool presents over 2400 colour chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. The ColourBase Colour Box is a multi-function tool, in the sense that not only each colour has a chromatic code that identifies its position in the colour sequence, but


also corresponds to a colour existing on the market for reference.

HMG Paints innovative Unit Lite Colourants and ColourBase have been a key tool for the company and its nationwide distributor network for the last decade, and combined with the new ColourBase Colour Box, distributors can provide even more outstanding colour choice across a number of HMG systems. The Manchester based business

has invested over

£150,000 into the colour box project, helping their distributor network add increased value and providing fast and easy colour identification, ensuring the right colour every time.

stocking the latest range of spray products suitable for projects varying from small touch-ups and interior walls and ceilings, to exterior walls and intumescent and fire-retardant areas. And to support decorators further, the Dulux Academy offers a range of spray courses at various locations across the UK, so they can learn from an experienced training team to help them master the technique and get the most from spray.


@SikaLimited Today we are celebrating a fantastic milestone, Ian our Head of Applications for Roofing has been an integral part

of our continued contribution to Sika.

@LongacresGC Exciting things are on the

way! #Longacres

#Gar denCentr e #ChristmasIsComing

@IronmngryDirect Are your #firedoors compliant? Check they’re fitted with 3 x CE marked, fire rated hinges to ensure they function correctly to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. #FireDoorSafetyWeek


Now that the colder days are coming, and restrictions are limiting indoor activities, outdoor shaded seating is more important than we ever thought it could be. A sheltered Arbour is a practical garden.

feature in any

@Tonsoftiles Muted shades are perfect for bathrooms as they help create a calm and relaxing space. This fab design by @ourmillcottage (via Insta) combines pale green wall tiles with warm wood tones to great effectRaising hands #tiling #interiors

@ERASecurity Join our Security Centre Scheme or get marketing support to help your business to sell the NEW ERA Protect system. Please email to request a brochure at marketing@

@kgimson There’s a beautiful, peaceful garden ⁦@RainbowsHospice redesigned thanks to


Greenfingerscha⁦. Enjoyed my morning helping with the planting. Well done everyone. It looks amazing. #garden #gardening @GdnMediaGuild

@FEIN_UK The colours contained in

the box, available in a counter top version or carry case, are sourced from a number of popular colour systems. n For more details, visit www. or call 0161 205 7631.

Optimum user protection: the FEIN anti-vibration system reduces vibrations and allows work to run more smoothly. The housing is completely decoupled thanks to flexible damping elements!


for 30 years. We want to thank Ian for his expertise and


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