The trade is heading for what is usually a peak wild bird season for retailers. With people spending more time in gardens, feeding wild birds can bring a lot of pleasure, even for those who don’t have pets and would otherwise not visit a pet shop.

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ital has prepared by stocking new brands, but advises retailers to

the think ahead

on staples, with predicted shortages

on peanuts and sunflower hearts already sending shockwaves through the industry.

The peanut shortage is partly a

result of a poor season in 2019 when hot, dry weather affected harvests, with significant failures and aflatoxin issues.

case of sunflower

seeds, global production fell in 2019, alongside an increase in demand. Heather McManus,

sales and

marketing director at Vital says the company has been reacting to predicted shortages for some time and making preparations. “We’ve already increased our stockholding of peanuts and sunflower seed significantly in preparation for a shortfall in available stock. This should help us provide continuous supply to the trade for some time, even when other outlets may be struggling to source these products. We’re advising our customers to think carefully before excessive bulk buying too far ahead as these products need

PECKISH SET TO SOAR INTO AUTUMN Heavyweight multimedia campaign set to take Peckish bird brand to new heights.

Westland is making its biggest ever media investment into the Peckish bird care brand for Autumn / Winter 2020, as it soars onto the airwaves with a TV campaign that celebrates the joy of inviting birds into the garden. Supported by targeted press and digital media activity, the £1.1m Peckish campaign will take flight across the UK and Ireland throughout October and November.

The popular Peckish TV ad, set to reach over 25m people, has been updated for 2020 and brings to life the enjoyment of encouraging more birds into the garden. The light-hearted ad shows a queue of hungry birds waiting in line, hoping to secure a table in their local neighbourhood eatery, renowned for its delicious food. As Autumn approaches, the Peckish campaign will highlight Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix as the perfect ‘go to’ for bird feeding. Packed with 12 varieties of high energy seeds and nuts, Peckish Complete gives every bird a reason to visit and every garden the chance of welcoming a wide variety of colourful visitors.


From feeders to feed, suets to seed, Peckish has everything needed to entice birds into the garden all year round. To further drive sales and brand loyalty, a selection of added value product lines will also feature in the range throughout the period of the media campaign, including a Peckish Complete 12.75kg pack with 20 per cent extra free; Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Balls six-pack with 100 per cent extra free and Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Balls 50-tub with 20 per cent extra free. As the UK’s fastest growing and second largest bird care brand*, Peckish is committed to driving footfall into stores, supporting retailers and encouraging customer awareness, trial and trust, through this heavyweight category investment.

*Source - GfK; Jan-Jun 2020 right storage conditions and

we can reassure them that we do hold very good stock levels. There is potential for independent retailers to become a destination for the wild bird category, so providing a rounded offer is a really great idea, ” says McManus. Alongside

the increased

stockholding in staples, Vital has also brought on board some exciting new suppliers including Jacobi Jayne and The Nuttery, who both supply high

quality feeders. The expanded Henry Bell range is in stock too – offering a wide range of contemporary feeders, water dishes, seed mixes and nesting boxes. There are also a number of new lines from Peckish, including convenient pre-filled feeders. McManus says it’s a good time

for retailers to build this category. “There are some strong trends driving consumer behaviour right now, such as appreciating simple pleasures and

staying close to home. Connecting with nature has been shown to improve wellbeing too – reducing stress and even improving health. It’s definitely a strong contender as a category that will work now and over the coming months as consumers adjust to the new normal and focus more on what is really important to them.” Customers

are encouraged


follow Vital on social media for the latest updates and can contact Vital on 01837 883000 or visit www.

About Vital Pet Group Vital Pet Group over 35 years of experience of wholesaling to the independent

specialist pet and

aquatic trade. In February 2017, Vital was acquired by Paramount Retail Group Holdings Limited. The company’s dedicated


of 36 vehicles services a national delivery network using some of the latest technology to drive operational efficiency. Top brand products, often sourced through exclusive deals, are made available to almost 3000 trade customers, with a focus on value and quality. There are over 100 direct partnerships with international brands and the company stocks over 28,000 pet products. Vital’s expert knowledge of the pet sector and operational efficiency ensures that it is best placed to work in partnership with suppliers and independent retailers to drive sales growth. People who work at Vital are empowered to make the decisions that drive

value for customers

and are rewarded for developing innovative solutions.

n To find out more about Vital, visit or telephone 01837 883000.

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