Happy Compost range will double in size for

2021, says The Greener Gardening Company The Greener Gardening Company is doubling the size of its top-performing 100% peat-free Happy Compost range for 2021, to meet growing consumer demand for sustainable compost and eco-friendly soil improvers.

The Greener Gardening Company is doubling the size of its top- performing 100% peat-free Happy Compost range for 2021, to meet growing consumer demand for sustainable compost and eco- friendly soil improvers. Happy Compost delivered

exceptional performance prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, with The Greener Gardening Company reporting an eight-fold increase in sales compared to 2019, with strong repeat orders. The innovative range, with its powerful brand identity, launched in 2019 to address rising consumer

demand for 100% peat-free growing media that offers top performance. The initial Purpose


line-up included All Compost,

Compost; Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost, Soil Improver and a Tomato Planter. With demand outstripping

supply, The Greener Gardening Company is bolstering its offering for 2021. New additions to the Happy range include Farmyard Manure, Enriched Top Soil, Lawn Soil, Mini Chip Bark, Composted Bark, Medium Chip Bark


Chunky Chip Bark. The Greener Gardening Company’s National Sales Manager, Jason Pike said: “Happy Compost has set a new benchmark for sustainable growing media and its unrivalled performance is driving brand loyalty among environmentally conscious consumers. Not only is Happy Compost delivering growth for The Greener Gardening Company, but it is helping retailers to capture a new ‘gardening army’ – consumers who dabbled at gardening for the first time during lockdown and are keen to garden in a sustainable manner.” Jason added: “Gardening with wildlife and the environment in mind was already the

consumer agenda

high on prior to

lockdown, but events of this year have accelerated the trend towards environmentally sound products.

Expanding the Happy range for 2021 addresses demand for products that are labelled as peat-free and deliver first-class performance.” The ‘hero product’ and stand- out best-seller within the Happy Compost portfolio for 2020 has been All Purpose Compost. Its multitude of uses for flowers, fruit and vegetables has resonated with consumers who are committed to tracking down quality peat-free growing media, while the compost’s vegan-friendly ingredients have chimed with the UK’s growing band of veganic gardeners. According to The Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014 and 2019, while recent surveys have suggested that between 600,000 and 1.1 million consumers are now embracing a vegan lifestyle, positioning vegan- friendly products as a key growth area for UK retailers. The Greener Gardening Company’s Jason Pike added:

“The fact that Happy

Compost All Purpose Compost is vegan-friendly has really caught consumers’ attention.” In addition to appealing to eco- conscious and vegan consumers, Happy Compost – which has been specifically designed to drive sales within the garden centre sector – is powering The Greener Gardening Company’s switch to sustainable growing media. Last year, peat-free accounted for less than 20% of the company’s overall sales, but this

year it’s likely to increase to 46% - with sales on track to be more than 50% peat-free in 2021. Staying true to its environmental

responsibilities, Happy Compost is

the company’s most eco-

friendly range to date. Not only is its packaging recyclable, but it incorporates 30% recycled plastic in its bags, the highest amount currently achievable. The compost’s formulation, which was extensively trialled for more than two years prior to launch, outperformed all brand-leading peat-free compost. Happy Compost is manufactured in the UK at a state-of-the-art growing media factory, while all core raw materials are recycled or sustainable by-products, including bark, wood fibre, coir and green compost. The Happy range, which is inspired by feelings of happiness and contentment that arise from successful gardening, is the company’s most innovative and versatile brand to date and was launched to applause at Glee 2019.

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