SIPCAM HOME & GARDEN is bringing to market a brand new range of powerful, simple-to-use cleaning and weed control products. SPOT-ON will help retailers to ignite sales via innovation, with the economical, performance-led portfolio delivering clear messages to consumers that products in the line- up will get the job done. The launch of the SPOT-ON range

These new slim-fit stretch trousers deliver extreme working comfort all day, every day.

Hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs in the new multi-purpose ALLROUNDWork 4-Way Stretch Trousers from SNICKERS Workwear ensure maximum working mobility wherever you are on site. The 4-way stretch fabrics integrated into these Work Trousers deliver maximum freedom of movement for all kinds of work all year round as well as improved ventilation and overall comfort. With great fit and superb value for money they have a slimmer tailored fit for better all-round looks and protection against snagging. Plus reinforced stretch Cordura in the certified KneeGuard System for greater flexibility, comfort and durability. They’re specially designed to take the new D30 ERGO Craftsman Kneepad. Check out all the Stretch Garments

from Snickers Workwear – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably and efficiently on site. n 01484 854788 n n

from Sipcam Home & Garden, the company behind the pioneering ecofective brand and RHS Garden Care range, maximises the potential to help retailers generate additional revenue from weed control and garden/home cleaning categories, with the arrival of a fresh, new brand. SPOT-ON multi-purpose cleaner is both an antiviral and antibacterial sanitiser that cleans and disinfects a plethora of surfaces around the home – including kitchen areas,

hard surfaces and regularly touched features in high traffic areas such as door handles that require frequent sanitisation. SPOT-ON Natural Antiviral and Antibacterial Surface Cleaner is available in three sizes: a 5-litre RTU, 750ml RTU and a 200ml concentrate that’s capable of refilling a 750ml container. In the weed control category,

growth in the number of consumers seeking alternatives to glyphosate is driving footfall in sales areas stocked with alternative weed controls, offering prime conditions for market growth. In response, new glyphosate-free SPOT- ON Weed Killer is ideally positioned to help retail managers target shoppers who are seeking weed killers that deliver fast results, backed by the promise of remaining harmless to children, pets and wildlife once dry. With convenience combined with

rapid results established as key drivers of sales of garden cleaning products, new 5-litre ready-to-use SPOT-ON Black Spot Remover and Patio Restorer transforms grubby hard standings without any scrubbing required, enhancing its appeal to time-pressed consumers. To find out more about the new

SPOT-ON range from Sipcam Home & Garden, visit n

Security expert YALE has launched a Water Sensor that lets homeowners know if their property is in danger of flooding, to combat the devastation left behind by leaks. The design of the Water Sensor accessory is simple and effective. It features two external metal sensing contacts running a mild electrical current. When both strips get wet, through a plumbing leak, flood, or surrounding moisture condensing on the surface, the electrical circuit will complete, and the alarm will sound through the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm. At the same time, the device will send an alert to the user’s smart device to warn of the presence of water. The detector is not a one-time use device. Each time the sensing contacts make contact with moisture and the alarm sounds, simply dry the contacts. Return the detector to its location or choose a new location as needed. The Water Sensor is battery operated and can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or garages for protection and peace of mind. For more information on the Yale Sync Smart Water Sensor, please visit

SIROFLEX Limited has launched a multi-surface construction sealant and adhesive product called OB1, described as a High Spec Hybrid Construction Sealant and Adhesive. The product has a tried and tested formulation, which has been used by the decorating industry for the past 15 years. OB1 bonds and seals all of these materials: copper, aluminium, wood and MDF, mirror, lead, concrete, polystyrene, glass, tile, polycarbonate, PVC and felt. Plus OB1 works in damp conditions and even under water. OB1 is over paintable, odourless, solvent free, silicone free, food safe and flexible — one tube does everything! OB1 Surface Sanitiser Spray with over 80% alcohol is a specially formulated cleaner perfect for industrial or commercial operations. Supplied in conveniently sized, portable aerosol cans the product can quickly be applied across large areas. Fast drying and with a pleasant odour, this product can be used to disinfect rooms


without causing major disturbances to normal usage or introducing strong, unpleasant smells. OB1 Fast Drying Hand Gel Sanitiser is an easy to apply alcohol based sanitising treatment based on 70% ethanol and is an effective means of eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on immediate contact. An ethanol- based composition based on world health organisation guidelines designed to be effective against harmful microbial contaminants and a wide range of viral and bacterial infections. It is fast drying, provides long lasting protection and contains emollient to protect skin from excessive drying out to ensure the treatment remains safe to use and provides highly effective protection at the same time. Also acts as a secondary disinfectant agent for extra protection while eliminating the need of using wipes or towels to dry up hands after washing with water. n

HULTAFORS Tools is launching a new range of screwdrivers for professional craftsmen and women that will be available from October. With VDE Screwdrivers specially designed for electricians – including tested and certified SL/ PZ and VOLTAGE TESTER models – there’s over 80 other slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX and stubby screwdrivers, plus hex drivers and bit holders that can be bought individually or in sets – or by size – to suit the jobs you have in hand. Researched and developed with craftsmen and women for professional use, they all have a superb ergonomic design for optimal comfort. The long rubber-coated handles ensures grip for precision and maximal transmission of power. The handle is made from durable PPC plastic with a coating of age- resistant and easy-to-grip rubber. The permanent marking of type and size on the top as well as the handle’s colour make it easy for the user to select the right screwdriver. Blades are manufactured from high- quality hardened steel for long life. The handles have a hole for hanging or securing with a design prevents the screwdriver from rolling on inclined surfaces. n 01484 854788 n

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