From its longevity to its unmistakable warmth and beauty, natural hardwood flooring is a firm favourite with timeless appeal. Established British manufacturer of hardwood flooring, Atkinson & Kirby provides an insight into why hardwood floors have stood the test of time and why they remain a very sought after and luxurious addition for any home.


here is no mistaking a hardwood floor; it emanates quality, from its longevity to its unmistakable warmth and beauty.

The best wood flooring provides a hard-wearing, versatile surface that will age with grace. With over a century of experience under its belt, Atkinson & Kirby is well-versed in the major benefits of hardwood flooring. A firm favourite with timeless appeal, here’s why natural hardwood flooring is here to stay.

Timelessness A hardwood floor looks just as beautiful on day one as it does on day 10,000. Ageing gracefully as the years go by, many people prefer the look of a ‘lived-in’ floor, much like that of a quality leather sofa. Wonderfully versatile, a hardwood floor can be a striking backdrop to a modern interior, or complement the historic charm of a period home. Unlike carpet, linoleum and tiles that can go in and out of fashion, hardwood’s appeal has stood the test of time. From rustic simplicity to soft retro, it can be tailored to any

interior style. Hardwood floors are now more popular than ever with an increasing demand for locally and sustainably-sourced materials. According to



Kirby’s research with leading forecaster, Trend Bible, people are becoming more mindful about the environment, using

materials and the tenets of ‘slow living’. In other words, favouring local craftsmanship, quality and long-lasting intentional design over wastefulness and mass-production.

Beauty and the natural world Needless to say, one of the top reasons why hardwood flooring is so sought after is its aesthetic appeal. Nothing has the same warmth and feel as a hardwood floor; it’s intrinsic to its quality. In a day and age of 24/7 news cycles and hectic work schedules, the aesthetic qualities of hardwood flooring are only becoming more popular. People

are striving to create

grounding home environments where they can literally and figuratively ‘switch off’. Offering a connection to the natural world, a hardwood floor breathes character and calm into a space. With a choice of earthy tones, geometric patterns or even weathered natural textures, a hardwood floor can create a unique ambience of comfort, warmth and spaciousness.

Durability Hardwood floors are renowned for their durability and will last a lifetime. Unlike a carpet or laminate that you might have to replace every decade due to stains and shabbiness, hardwood flooring can withstand


“Wonderfully versatile, a hardwood floor can be a striking backdrop to a modern interior, or complement the historic charm of a period home”

daily wear and tear remarkably well with minimal maintenance. Despite the higher price point, you will ultimately save money in the long- run as a hardwood floor is capable of being sanded and refinished time and time again, so you can give it a new lease of life without ever having to resort to a refit.

About Atkinson & Kirby Atkinson & Kirby is proud to remain one of the few British manufacturers of hardwood flooring, with a selection of its flooring being produced at its own mill in Chirk, North Wales. No matter what your requirements are, Atkinson & Kirby has a wide variety of finishes and styles to fulfil your needs. With a host of FSC certified products, the brand ensures that it is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

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