n Almost 300 house fires are started every week by home appliances, according to the latest Home Office figures analysed by appliances insurer Prominence Support. Incident data from the Fire and Rescue Services (FRS), reveals there were just under 15,000 domestic fires (14,977) in England caused by home appliances during the last financial year (2019/20). That’s 288 fires every week or 41 blazes a day. However, domestic fires caused by home appliances have actually fallen 3.2% over the past 12 months compared to the previous year, when 15,478 incidents were attended by the Fire and Rescue Services. n The leading supplier of Dog Rocks and the new 100 per cent natural Be:Loved pet care range, Podium Pet Products, is continuing its on-going expansion plans with the appointment of two new team members. Joining the Podium family will be Helen Reid and Annabel Britton, who will both be responsible for customer service and operational development of the brands. n Outdoor garden furniture, products and decorative garden structure specialist, Zest 4 Leisure has won the award for the best overall new product at Glee 2020 as well as winning three best in category prizes for growing containers, landscaping and leisure and entertaining. Best New Product was the company’s Three Tier Stackable Raised Bed – also category winner in Garden Growing Containers. Its easy build Burghley Arbour won in Garden Leisure & Entertaining category and Zest’s Cherry Blossom arch was a joint winner in the Garden Landscaping category. n Ivyline has made it even easier for its retail customers to access its bestselling ranges with the launch of a new online portal. Powered by online sales experts, Blue Alligator, this new portal will offer Ivyline customers never before seen access to the company’s complete product portfolio. For the first time, retailers can take absolute control of their order book and future product planning via the user-friendly interface.


How lockdown changed British attitudes towards our homes for good

Many of us remember the DIY fever that gripped the nation during the UK’s lockdown – but new research released by B&Q has revealed the extent to which the last six months have fundamentally changed British attitudes towards our homes – especially among the younger generation. The research, commissioned by the leading UK home improvement and garden living retailer, polled 2,000 consumers to uncover how the Covid-19 lockdown has fundamentally changed Brits’ relationship with their homes.

An almost universal consensus (nine out of ten) said that their home is important to make their life better, and 57 per cent feel

Carl Kammerling launched Big Brand Deals 2020 promotion

it is even more significant post- lockdown. Exploring why homes felt more significant than ever, the survey also found that 89 per cent say their homes are a ‘sanctuary’ where they can be ourselves and 87 per cent value the sense of

security they provide. Despite this, only one in ten currently live in their ideal home, whereas half of the population want to make changes to their living set up. The research also showed that the increased time spent at home

Greenfingers says “Thank You” to the UK’s “amazing” Gardening Industry… and to the Smart Team for their support!

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running from 1

September – 18 December 2020, offering retailers and end users savings on over 200 products from all CKI brands including: C.K, C.K Magma, C.K Classic, Avit and Kasp. This selection of products includes proven


core items and new product launches, all for just a minimal initial order. This package provides retail customers who sign up with a superb range of benefits and exclusive offers. Retailers who sign up to Big Brand Deals 2020 also benefit from an excellent sell out package with eye- catching counter mats, price stickers,

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Speaking on behalf of Greenfingers charity, Linda Petrons, director of fundraising and communications said she and her colleagues have been overwhelmed by the amazing support and generosity of the UK’s booming gardening industry:

“We would have

understood if our supporters had scaled back their efforts and donations in light of the pandemic. But the opposite is true, with the most recent being a wonderful gift of £50,000 from the team at Smart Garden!” Paris Natar, Smart’s Chairman, commented: “We are delighted to

meant over half of Brits realised more DIY needed doing. And it seems the benefits go far beyond the functional bricks and mortar. During what was a difficult time for many, over half also said they found home improvement projects to be therapeutic.

Over two-fifths say they are

more motivated to do DIY as a result of lockdown, and 35 per cent feel more ambitious in the home improvement projects they want to tackle.

This change in attitude is particularly prevalent among youngsters, with 42 per cent of 18-24 year olds having learned DIY skills during lockdown, while only a quarter of those aged between 45-54 said the same. The younger generation also now feel more ambitious to make changes and tackle further DIY (42 per cent of 18-24 year olds and 45 per cent of 25-34 year olds agreed). Gardening and decorating

projects are by far the most coveted projects to improve people’s lives and enjoyment of their home.

Nearly half the UK planning on decorating as lockdown boosts spending power

Two out of every five (42 per cent) UK households are planning on decorating their homes as lockdown lifts, a survey by Dulux Decorator Centre has discovered. While the coronavirus outbreak

support the work of Greenfingers Charity, knowing how hard it is at the moment with corporate donors squeezing charity budgets. Smart, like many gardening businesses, has been lucky enough to bounce back strongly from lockdown. It therefore felt like the right time to deploy some of our profits for the benefit of our industry’s favourite charity.”

BHETA joins lobby on future for safety marking in housewares and DIY

The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) has leant its weight to a forceful collective of trade associations lobbying Government on the future of the CE safety mark after Brexit. The CE mark itself which is used by suppliers across home enhancement as a signifier of safety approval on electrical products and

products powered by lithium batteries, will cease to exist as of December 31 in the event of a no deal Brexit. While the CE mark

is due to be replaced by a UKCA safety mark, the criteria for applying the mark is not yet clear, potentially impacting on all housewares and DIY suppliers with electrical or lithium battery powered products.

causes financial uncertainty for many, the research also reveals a positive impact for one in five, who reported being financially better off by as much £500 a month as a result of the savings made due to retailers and leisure facilities closing for an extended period. Painting the living room has emerged as the nation’s number one post-lockdown decorating priority, with one in four intending to tackle it first. One in five want new carpets, while 15 per cent intend to give the dining room a fresh coat of paint. Thirteen per cent plan on painting the exterior of their homes. Over one in five plan on spending between £100 and £500 on decorating projects, while 18 per cent will shell out up to £1,000 and one in 10 spending as much as £2,500. As the pandemic puts a pause on many people’s plans, it was also found that a quarter of people have ditched a planned house move in favour of renovating their current home. The research forms part of the Backing Our Decorators initiative launched by Dulux Decorator Centre to support decorators as lockdown measures ease. Two thousand members of the public were surveyed.

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