month for up to four cameras. Alternatively,

for both camera

cloud storage and 4G Roaming SIM backup, the ERA Protect Plus package is £9.99 per month. Finally, if someone also wanted professional monitoring, the ERA Protect Plus Premium Package is £19.99 per month. Tania Tams, head of marketing at ERA says: “With ERA Protect, we pushed security as far as we could go – and then we went further. Our three key concepts – firstly, our working security ECO system; secondly, confidence in our products and services and thirdly, our quest for ‘total security’ – have all driven the design, development and manufacture of ERA Protect and is reflected in our BSI IoT Kitemark attainment – a shining endorsement of our faith in providing truly secure security.

“Coupled to this, the ERA Protect

system is also approved by the Neighbourhood Watch, a much recognised brand in communities UK wide and packaging is supported with both the BSI IoT Kitemark and the Neighbourhood Watch logo.

5 M


n For further information on ERA’s brand new ERA Protect range of smart home security, visit, email or contact the sales team on 01922 490000.


“We can now deliver a truly new way of providing high quality, yet affordable smart security with the end user placed firmly at the centre and being totally in control. “ERA Protect

is different – in

concept, in design and in delivery of results – welcome to the next generation.”


hese floodlights are available

in 10W

to 100W versions and can easily be retrofitted with pluggable PIRs, so

wholesalers only have to stock the basic floodlights and supply the PIRs separately.

The PIR can either be fitted to

the floodlight during installation or afterwards. The pluggable PIR is fully adjustable for direction, with controls for sensitivity, duration, and night & day operation. The glass front is of prismatic design promoting a wide beam width and reduced glare. Additionally, the fittings have an angled bracket enabling the installer to mount the floodlight


Assumptions are often made all too quickly, especially when it comes to CCTV… with lots of options to choose from and technology constantly adapting, what things do you need to consider?

y name is the Kai Stok and as the Founder of Stok K9 Security Services, a leading provider of security services

across the UK, I have vast experience within the realms of CCTV. From the quality of a camera’s resolution to its

technology and personalising your strategy to adhere with your unique needs, there is an extensive list of vital factors you need to address.

Quality, quality, quality creating

The purpose of CCTV is to capture criminality,


footage. As such, it is vital that the footage you record is of an impeccable quality, picking up fine details like facial features and marks on clothing. Should you find yourself relying on poor quality visuals, you may be sorely disappointed when it comes to identifying the culprits. More specifically, I would advise that you look for a minimum of 0.5 placement, new

megapixels or 1080P; this is roughly 25 times the resolution of analogue CCTV cameras. It’s important that you investigate the options available to


2 3

utilising expert advice.

Consider how large your premises is and, as a result, how crucial high- resolution cameras are.

Consider your CCTV’s placement As you rely heavily on the recordings captured by your cameras, it’s important that they capture every corner of your site, with particular consideration being given to entrances/exits and high-risk areas. Meanwhile, if possible, I would

recommend installing your cameras in areas that are sheltered from the ravages of British weather. Not all CCTV cameras are equally durable, so this is an important component to consider. In many instances, especially here in the UK, it’s worth choosing a waterproof camera.

How proactive is your CCTV? The notion of a CCTV camera

being proactive might sound a little

strange… they are silent

monitors, creating footage for you to act upon after-the-fact… aren’t they? Fortunately, no. Many service providers, including Stok K9 Security Services, connect clients’ CCTV cameras with live monitoring teams of security personnel. Should criminality be caught on camera, they can react in real time; from contacting emergency services to visiting the site themselves to address the perpetrator(s), this CCTV management service makes your strategy proactive.


Does the camera fulfil your functional needs?

CCTV cameras come in a vast array of styles, but this isn’t to meet aesthetic preferences. Instead, cameras are designed in this way to adhere with your unique functional needs. For example, boxed cameras are typically used as a visible deterrent, whilst hidden security cameras are seen to be less intrusive. If you’re in a high-risk area, have

fallen victim to criminality previously or if your site is home to expensive equipment, then you may feel more protected with visible boxed cameras. If you’re simply wanting to protect the community and capture footage in the unlikely event of criminality, then more subtle cameras may be appropriate.


Always look out for new technology. The technology behind CCTV is constantly evolving. It is therefore important that you remain abreast of new developments, keeping an eye out for new technology which sets cameras apart from their competitors. For example, at Stok K9 Security Services we work with cutting edge technology which automatically detects movement and subsequently zooms in/re-aligns to capture the best possible angle. In doing so, it ensures nothing important is missed.

n For more information about Stok K9 Security Services, visit


easily without having to remove the bracket from the fitting. The floodlights are fitted with 1M of rubber-covered flex to allow it to easily pass through a wall or partition. They are also fully approved

to European/

UK standards and are TUV/ GS-approved with a warranty of 25,000 hours.

n For more information, please visit or call 01279 433533.

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