Garland opens new warehouse as sales increase £1m so far this season

The opening of a new purpose-built warehouse by Garland/Worth Gardening has proved to be timely as the company is experiencing unprecedented growth in sales for its extensive range of garden care products. Already this season, the company has achieved an impressive increase in turnover of almost £1 million. The warehouse, close to the company’s factory in Kingswinford, provides over 4,000 extra pallet spaces and extends Garland’s storage

capacity in the Midlands by 70 per cent.

Commenting on the buoyant situation being experienced by the company, sales director Mark Dedman said: “The early completion of our new warehouse facility will enable us to deal

Kingfisher Group releases half year results ended 31 July 2020 in the opportunities ahead and

committed to returning Kingfisher to growth. Thierry Garnier, Chief Executive

Kingfisher Group has released its half year results which show the business has faired well through the challenging first six months of 2020 with sales of just under £6b and gross profits of just over £2b. Highlights of the results include

a resilient performance in H1 with strong sales recovery in Q2 and stronger demand for home improvement across its markets, with a new strategy delivering early benefits.

reinforced the Group’s approach, pushing it

The Covid-19 crisis has to be bolder, with

encouraging progress with its strategic priorities. The on-going focus is now on managing through Covid-19 and the business is confident

Officer, said: “We delivered a resilient financial performance in the first half of the year, with the adverse impact of Covid-19 in Q1 offset by a strong recovery in Q2. This recovery has continued into Q3 to date, with growth across all banners and categories. “The crisis has prompted more people to rediscover their homes and find pleasure in making them better. It is creating new home improvement needs, as people seek new ways to use space or adjust to working from home. It’s also clear that customers are becoming more comfortable with ordering online. And delivering value to consumers is imperative against a challenging economic backdrop. “Through our new strategic

direction our retail banners have gained agility and have leveraged their distinct positioning. This has strengthened our market positions and delivered much improved LFL sales before and after

the lockdowns. Our

experiences through the crisis have reinforced the benefits of our strategic direction and have made us bolder in our priorities.” To better illustrate these half

year results, Kingfisher has released the infographic you see here.

speedily and efficiently with the high level of orders experienced so far this season and for the foreseeable future. We have been amazed at the level of business throughout this season. A great pre-season has been followed by record sales figures month after month, with both June and July registering increases of over 150 per cent and smashing all

previous records. Despite

lockdown, we have remained positive and have been forward thinking by maintaining extensive stock levels in order to meet

the demand when stockists re-opened for business. That demand has been even bigger than we expected, but our new warehouse capacity will ensure that we have the necessary stocks to accommodate the busiest of seasons and at the same time provide more space for our own manufactured products.” The Garland Products Group specialises in the manufacture of

plastic injection moulded

products and is one of the fastest growing suppliers to the garden industry.

Rainy Day Trust launches leaflet to promote its Covid- 19 support and announces new helpline number

The Rainy Day Trust is continuing in the drive to spread awareness of its support during the Covid-19 crisis with the launch of a leaflet designed to appeal to businesses potentially at the beginning of any restructuring process.

The charity has also announced a new phone number 0800 9154627, which has come about through Connect Assist, RDT’s case-working partner, having changed its telecomms provider. The leaflet, ‘Help for your business to cope with the new normal’, urges companies to get in touch with the RDT at an early stage – as Bryan Clover CEO of the charity explains: “We’re worried that in some areas, furloughed staff will turn into redundant staff. That’s never an easy thing to deal with. But we can bring a fresh perspective to your plans and help individuals concerned or affected by any changes. If you, your company or anyone you know, is talking about

a re-structure or job

losses, please engage with us right from the start.”

The leaflet highlights how the RDT can help, will treat the situation with the utmost

AkzoNobel supporting inspirational artist Sacha Jafri’s world record attempt

Celebrated artist Sacha Jafri is attempting to create the largest painting ever created on canvas – and he’s using AkzoNobel’s Dulux products to paint his way into the record books. Jafri’s Humanity Inspired

project – which aims to raise $30 million for charitable causes within health and education and connect a billion people around the world – involves creating a painting 160 meters long (larger than two football pitches laid end-to-end). He’s been in lockdown at Atlantis, the Palm, in Dubai since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, where his ambitious artwork, entitled The Journey of Humanity, is being created.


But he isn’t doing it alone. invited

children around

confidentiality and also suggests businesses might want to think about the reaction of staff who remain. “If they can see that you genuinely care about your staff, and are helping, they are far more likely to stay.”

Contact the Rainy Day Trust for more information – the charity has Covid-19 application forms for financial support, a ‘Supporting your staff’ document as well as a mental health guidance document. “Whatever your needs are, we can make sure that your staff feel cared for and supported.”

Rise in ‘exposing brickwork’ searches reflects recent home DIY boom

Search data from retailer Glowing Embers has found a large increase in the number of people putting their DIY skills to the test with people tackling fireplaces in particular. Throughout lockdown, lots of people have been trying their hand at upgrading the cosmetic appearance of their homes. While some people have kept things simple by putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, others have been taking on some more challenging tasks, like exposing their fireplaces and creating a real feature in a living room or dining room. Richard Fewings, spokesman for Glowing Embers commented: “Obviously throughout the last few months

people have been at home, looking to improve the aesthetics around them. The recent trends discovered should prove useful for tradespeople in the industry and also for those looking for safety tips.”


the world to send in drawings themed around isolation and connection, which he’ll paste into circular portals inside his mammoth painting. They’ll act as windows intended to lead us to a better tomorrow, as seen through the eyes of our children. “We’ve always believed that paint has the power to transform people’s lives and this is a fantastic way for us to support an amazing initiative through our global ‘Let’s Colour’ program,” says Stephanie Kraneveld, global marketing communications manager paints. “The Humanity Inspired project aligns perfectly with our own commitment to inspiring communities through colour and we’re delighted to have an exclusive partnership with such a visionary and exciting artist.” Adds Jafri: “My initiative,

Humanity Inspired, aims to be a catalyst for true societal change through the hearts, minds and souls of the children of the world – a springboard for a better future for all humanity. I aim to connect the world and re-connect humanity to ourselves, each other and ultimately the soul of the Earth.” Jafri’s

project is


supported by Dubai Cares, UNICEF, UNESCO and the Global Gift Foundation charity. He also has the backing of the UAE government. Once the work is completed, the canvas will be split into 60 individual artwork pieces and sold via an online charity auction.

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