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The last year has seen some emerging trends which all have had a positive impact on not only Luigi Bormioli but also for the glassware category as a whole.

Eat Storage range F

riends, family and your favourite drinks all come together beautifully in the elegant glassware brand of

Luigi Bormioli, a renowned Italian Family brand which epitomises the Italian love of gastronomy with designs that enhance and elevate every occasion. Italians are passionate about three things – what they eat and drink and most of all, their family. And of course, family is something that everyone has missed during 2020.

Creation of more time It is true to say that 2020 soon became a year like no other. As a nation, we have been brought together by a collective need to pause and reset our daily lives. Research found that 53% of us feel the pandemic has acted as a ‘reset button’ in our busy lives. There is definitely a strong sense that life

has forever changed for the majority. The new normal that everyone around the world slowly had to come to terms with is not new anymore, it has just become normal. So, as millions are now working from home, this has transformed everyday acts such as cooking and drinking into more meaningful rituals that divides home and working life. These mealtimes have now become pivotal parts of the day in which you take time to sit down as a family (sometimes even remotely) and perhaps take time to chat and socialise over a glass of wine.

Consideration for our wellbeing

Maintaining our physical and mental health has also become of upmost importance especially over the last year. Many of us have used the year as an opportunity to ditch the clutter and hunker down. And 58% of us say we have secretly enjoyed the lack of pressure to go out. In short, we’ve used this year’s events to create space on our internal hard drives – space that we intend to keep free moving forward. This whole emphasis on mental and physical wellbeing has had an important impact on

March/April 2021

what we are drinking; we are demanding access to great food and drink without having to compromise on our health. The rapid rise of the no-lo drinks category has been led by consumers who didn’t know they needed a quality alcohol-free alternative until they had one. They were joined by people who simply didn’t want to drink alcohol as a religious or lifestyle choice, plus people who need to cut their intake for health reasons. In addition to this, there are some people

who are certainly drinking less often but they want to drink quality. So, they may have a delicious wine with their meal but an alcohol- free drink as an aperitif and are prepared to invest in good quality glassware.

Escapism within our home People are also missing the adventure of travel and international holidays so are therefore trying to recreate these experiences at home as a form of escapism. So, whether it be polishing up on your mixology skills to create your favourite cocktails or enjoying a spritz in a hi ball glass, these small indulgences can take you straight back to the Med. All these emerging trends can only be beneficial for stemware as consumers spend more time at home and are looking at upgrading tired homewares. In fact, 74% of consumers replaced their tableware in 2020 of which 63.7% related to a drinkware purchase. Luigi Bormioli is a family brand, from the

heart of Parma, in Italy. Glassware has been in our blood since 1946 and we’re as passionate about our craft as we are about drinks. Life is too short for flat fizz or cheap wine and for second rate glasses that do not bring out the best in your drinks.

Not just for best, our designs combine

practicality with style to elevate everyday experiences. Luigi Bormioli has wide and varied collections of stemware and storage jars available for all. Below are just a few highlights:

Take one-part creativity, one-part

craftmanship and add a dash of glamour, for the most desirable and delectable cocktails that will really shake up the cocktail hour with our Mixology collection. Luigi Bormioli and future mixologist Yuri Gelmini have come together to create a range of glassware that’s perfect for the most stylish aperitifs, fabulous fizz or divine after dinner delights. Talismano offers a crisp contemporary feel with clean softly tapered lines incorporating SON. hyx technology for sparkling clear crystal glass. These glasses will enhance any setting whether it is a family dinner party or just a cosy

Shake up the cocktail hour with these stunning glasses from the mixology collection

night in accompanied by a robust red! Another collection, worth a note is Michelangelo Masterpiece which has been sculpted from the finest raw materials. It is a classic design which marries form and function into a true masterpiece. All glasses within this range incorporate Sparkx technology for exceptional transparency and shine.

Finally, Luigi Bormioli has the fabulous

storage range called Lock-Eat ®. From storing to preserving, serving to savouring…everything is covered in this extensive range of storage jars. They have an innovative detachable lid which is 100% airtight. These eco-friendly jars are available in all shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s needs and look super stylish in any kitchen.

These are just a sprinkling of the collections available for this Brand. If you have a thirst for more information, please contact u or call our team on u 01282 688080. | 25

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